Wage and Salary Administration Online Test

The term ___________ applies to compensation that is uniform from one period to the next and does not depend upon the number of hours worked.

A ________ is defined as a collection or aggregation of tasks, duties and responsibilities that as a whole is regarded as the reasonable assignment to an individual employee.

According to Benham ________ is a sum of money paid under contract by an employer to a worker for services rendered.

___________ theory of wage also known as Iron law of wage.

According to __________ theory of wage, wages tend to settle at a level just sufficient to maintain the workers and his family at minimum ________ level.

According to _______ theory of wage, wages are determined by standard of living to which a class of labors become habituated .

Match the following (left to right)

Residual Claimant (i) John Davidson

Subsistence (ii) Francis Walker

Bargaining theory of wages (iii) David Ricardo

According to _______ theory of wage, wages represent the amount of value created in the production which remains after payment has been made for all factor of productions .

According to _______ theory of wage, after rent and raw materials are paid a definite amount remains for labors .

According to demand and supply theory of wage, wages depend upon the demand and supply of _________ .

In __________ theory of wage, wagers are determined by the value of the net product of the managerial unit of labor employed.

The tribunals and wage boards have generally followed the principles laid down in the fair wages committee’s report on fixing wages.

__________ has classified wages as;

The amount necessary for mere subsistence

The amount necessary for health and safety

The amount necessary to provide a standard of comfort

________ wage is defined as the wage which must provide not only for the bare sustenance of life, but for the preservation of the efficiency of the worker.

__________ considers factors like;

The productivity of labor

The level of national income

The place of the industry in the economy

________________ is to provide for a standard of living that would ensure good health for the worker and his family as well as a measure of decency, comfort, education for his children and protection against misfortunes

In ______________ both parties agree to refer dispute to mutually agreed arbitrator and his award becomes binding on the parties.

If and agreement is reached in the course of ___________ proceedings, it becomes binding on the parties and takes effect from the date agreed upon or from the date on which it is signed by the two parties.

__________ indicates the specific duties to be performed by the worker and the circumstances under which these duties are to be performed.

______________ is the process of getting information about jobs, specially what the worker does, how he gets it done, why he does it, skill, education and training required, etc...

_____________ is a written record of the duties, responsibilities and conditions of the job.

Establishment of sound wage differentials between jobs – Discovery and elimination of wage inequalities – Installation of an effective means of wage control.

Above are true for __________objectives.


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