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The definition of performance refers to a set of outcomes produced during a certain ________.

In _________ evaluation method employees are evaluated one at a time without directly comparing them with other employees.

________ system is similar to grading on a curve.

________ system a evaluator asked to rate employees in some fixed distribution of categories, such as 10% in low, 20% in average etc.

To avoid errors of inflated rating or central tendency in graphic rating scale__________ system was developed.

In _________ method, the number of times a person is preferred is tallied, and this develops an index of the number of preferences compared to the number being evaluated .

Scores of _________ method can be converted into standard scores by comparing the scores to the standard deviation and the average of all scores.

In ___________ technique the evaluator is presented with a graph and asked to rate employees on each of the characteristics listed.

In ___________ technique the supervisor and employee to be evaluated jointly set objectives in advance for the employee to try to achieve during a specified period.

In ___________ technique 2,3 or 4 statement items are grouped in a way that the evaluator cannot easily judge which statements apply to the most effective employee.

Q11. In ___________ technique the evaluator is asked to describe the strong and weak aspects of the employee’s behavior.

BARS also known as Behavioral expectation scale.

BARS and BES are created based on______________ approach.

BARS and BES are created based on______________ approach.

In _________ method the evaluator is asked to evaluate employees from highest to lowest on some overall criterion.

The superiors (First line supervisor and Senior Managers) have the authority to redesign and reassign an employee’s work based on their assessment of individual and team performance.

__________ is and upward appraisal process or feedback system.

At the end of the review year, the MBO’s are reviewed for completion with the ___________ framework.

_________ is a term which covers a change and calls for greater responsibilities and usually higher pay and better terms and conditions of service, higher status or rank.

The term ___________ is commonly used for those employees whose pay is calculated according to the number of hours worked.


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