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The Administrative class civil service officers include
Permanent Secretary
Deputy Secretary
Under secretary
All of the above
Who formulates answers to the questions put to the ministers in the parliament and supply them the information and material necessary to decide a particular case?
Deputy Ministers
Civil Servants
State Ministers
None of the above
Who prepares the Annual Financial Statement of the Britain Government?
The Finance committee
The department of Exchequer
The Civil Servants
None of the above
In Britain, Parliament is supreme and the courts have to apply whatever law has been made by it. Thus, there is
No system of judicial review
No system of judicial supremacy
No system of parliamentary sovereignty
None of the above
The House of Lords in Britain is the
Law-making body
Law enactment body
Judicial body
Both (1) and (3)
The House of Lords can withhold a money bill, for a maximum period of
15 days
One month
Two months
One year
The judges of the High Courts in Britain are appointed by the Crown on the recommendation of
Lord Chancellor
Law Minister
In Britain, the chairman of the Judicial committee and the legal adviser to the Crown is
Prime Minister
Law Minister
Lord Chancellor
None of the above
Who reviews the finances of the past year and enunciates the policy for the next year?
Finance Minister
Chancellor of the Exchequer
None of the above
________is a closure of a bill when the various parts of the bill are put to vote on the expiry of the allotted time for those parts.
None of the above
Which of the following committees thoroughly scrutinizes every bill, evaluates it and holds open hearing and takes evidence?
Select Committee
Sessional Committee
Standing Committee
None of the above
Which of the following committees in Britain are appointed to consider and report on specific subjects on whom legislation is pending or contemplated?
Sessional Committees
Select Committees
Standing Committees
None of the above
The British committees employed in the House of Commons include
The Committee of the Whole House
Select Committees on public bills
Standing committees on public bills
All of the above
The chairmen of the standing committees are appointed by the
Prime Minister
A Money Bill, in Britain, is introduced in the
House of Lords
House of Commons
Both (1) and (2)
None of the above

This test is a part of a series for Public Administration (predominantly for the preparation of Civil Services Examination)


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