AGE OF CHAUCER (1350—1400) Online Test

Which of the following has not come out of Chaucer’s pen?
Romaunt of the rose
Boke of the Duchesse
Richard the Redeless
Troilus and Criseyde
What is true of Chaucer’s personal life?
His father had financial problems
Hundred Years War was unknown to Chaucer
He married the Maid of Honour to the Queen
He had no concern with politics
He had never travelled outside England
Which of the following general rules should be observed while reading Chaucer?
Let the meter decide how the final syllables are to be produced
Vowels in Chaucer have the same value as in modern German
Consonants are practically the same as in modern English.
Final e is usually sounded except when the following word begin with a vowel or with h
All of the Above
Which of the following English writers were not the contemporaries of Chaucer?
What in your view is not true of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales?
The company consists of 28
A consonance is maintained between the narrator and the tale
Gentle folk  are inclined to romantic tragedy
Commoners abound his lewd jesting.
It is Chaucer’s imperishable work.
Which of the following is not true about Chaucer?
He was past middle life before he wrote poetry that was his own.
Was the least lyrical of all English poets
Wrote as an observer rather than a man impelled to utter his innermost feelings
Expressed the thoughts of common man’s feelings
The frame work of Canterbury Tales does not recall the journey to Brundisium
Chaucer was not really taken in by works of:
All of the Above
Chaucer’s abilities include:
A translator
A deft imitator
Advancing from Allegory to Realism
Shifting from Devotion to Mockery
All of the Above
Chaucer’s poetic style abounds in:
Alliteration as an added ornament.
Verses consisting of eight to ten syllables
Verse lines with possible double ending that brings the syllable to nine or eleven
Using strength of syllables to produce slur syllables
All of the Above
When Chaucer began his career as a writer in English, what did he pick up from the choices that he had?
Employed the metrical system common to all Teutonic races 
Like his contemporaries he employed normal French verse.
Followed Langland and composed poetry in old rough form.
Wrote in highly intricate measures of romance type like Dunbar
Added some English characteristics to French models
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Chaucer, one of the very first poets of English language was one of the most musical of poets .He fixed Middle dialect as the literary language of England and showed the poetic possibilities of language to the world. This short test is specially designed to familiarize you with Chaucer’s accomplishments and will help to test your knowledge about the poet .It is prepared in the MCQ format and a must for a student Of English Literature preparing for AP tests.

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