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Which of the following statements is correct regarding Dr. Rajendra Prasad?
He edited a Hindi Weekly called Desh
He was elected President of the Constituent Assembly in 1947
He took over as President of India in 1952
All of the above
Which of the following statements about diseases is not correct?
Patients suffering from diabetes need to be administered insulin
Diphtheria is not a communicable disease
Chemotherapy is resorted to as a treatment of patients suffering from cancer
Meningitis affects the brain
Which of the following statements about the OPEC is not correct?
Its membership is open to every country
It was formed in 1960
It was formed to control producing and pricing of crude oil
It has been successful in determining world oil prices to a large extent
Which of the following statements about the purposes of the North Atlantic Treaty is not correct?
The member nations agreed to settle disputes by peaceful means
Develop their individual and collective capacity to resist armed attack
Regard an attack on one as an attack on all
Locate the headquarters of the organizations at Akara
Which of the following statements in regard to pollination in plants as not correct?
The part of the carpel that receives pollen is called stigma
Wind pollinated flowers produce pollen, but much of it is last in transfer
Those plants in which flowers never fully open are self-pollinated
Wind pollinated flowers are attractive with bright colours and scent while insect pollinated flowers lack these qualities
Which of the following statements in regard to the functioning of the UN General Assembly is not correct?
The Secretary-General is elected by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Security Council
A two-thirds majority is needed to pass resolution on all important questions
The use of veto power in the General Assembly is confirmed to the countries who are permanent members
The General Assembly votes on admissions of new members approved by the Security Council and can also expel or suspend members approved by the Security Council and can also expel or suspend member-countries
Which of the following statements in regard to the UN Security Council is not correct?
Of its total membership, five members are permanent members
The Presidency of the Council is alternated on a monthly basis confined to the permanent members
In voting on substantive measures, all permanent members must vote ‘yes’ if the measure is to pass
The ten non-permanent members do not have the veto power
Which of the following statements in regard to the use of carbohydrates by the human body is not correct?
Metabolic and digestive enzymes are a product of carbohydrates
Intake of cereals, roots and tubers provide carbohydrates as a source of energy
Carbohydrates are not needed for building up the body defence against infections
One gram of carbohydrates gives approximately four calories of heat or energy
Which of the following places in the USA is associated with lawn tennis?
Forest Hill
Madison Square Garden
Yankee Stadium
Which of the following statements in regard to the working of the International Court of Justice is not correct?
All questions before it are decided b y a majority of the judges present
The court is permanently in session at the Hauge, but may hold its meetings elsewhere, if necessary
Its opinion were sought by the UN must be accepted by a simple majority vote
Cases may be referred to the court by member-nations involved in a dispute, in which case the Court’s decision is binding upon them
Which of the following places is associated with table tennis?
N.D.M.C. Indoor Stadium, New Delhi
Which of the following places is not associated with cricket?
Old Trafford
Eden Gardens
Merdeka Stadium
Which of the following processes is unsuitable for softening water possessing temporary hardness?
Adding calcium hydroxide
Which of the following properties of soaps and detergents help to remove dirt from clothes?
Capillary action
Interfacial torsion
None of the above
Which of the following regulates and controls the entry of light into the human eye?
Anterior chamber
Which of the following secretes the chemical substance known as hormones?
Endocrine glands
Lymphatic glands
Sebaceous glands
Thyroid glands
Which of the following sounds cannot be hearing by human ear?
300 vibrations/sec
1,000 vibrations/sec
10,000 vibrations/sec
30,000 vibrations/sec
Which of the following statements is not correct?
The woody stem of plant exchanges gases with the atmosphere through lenticels
The endosperm contains food for the growth of embryo
Food is conducted from the roots to the leaves by vessels called sieve tubes
Al of the above
Which of the following statements relating to sound and light is true?
Light is a form of kinetic energy, whereas sound is a form of potential energy
Light can be reflected but sound cannot be
Light travels faster in air than does sound
Sound travels in waves but light does not
Which of the following trophies and cups awarded for badminton?
Alba World Cup and Thomas Cup
Tunku Abdul Rahman Cup and Uber Cup
Amrit Diwan Cup and All-England championship
All of the above

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