Memory and Forgetting Online Test

Suman sees some flowers and she rightly says "These are asters". She has -------------- the name of the flowers.

In an examination, Multiple choice questions are answered using--------------

A memory device like VIBGYOR to recall the seven colours of the rainbow is -----------------

Michael had met with a terrible failure in life. He has nearly forgotten that experience. This is due to-------------

Aarti has to memorise a long passage of 8 paragraphs. She memorises two paragraphs at a stretch, recalls the memorised matter and then proceeds to the next two paragraphs. She is using the ------------------ method.

Madan has to memorise a passage comprising of eight paragraphs. He tries to memorise the whole passage at one go. He memorises for half an hour, takes a ten minute break and then comes back to the passage. At the end of twenty minutes he takes another ten minute break. Which method of memorisation is he using?

Derrick studied French grammar. Then a couple of days later, he took up English grammar and found that the rules of French grammar were slowly forgotten, but he could remember what he learnt about English grammar. this is an example of ---------------

I have forgotten my Examination seat number a few days after the examination as I do not need it any more. The seat number was registered in my -------------- memory

Which of the following is NOT part of the memory process?

I have memorised a poem by the poet XYZ. Later I memorise another poem by the same poet. I find I remember lines of the previous poem but forget lines of the recently memorised poem. This is due to------


This is a test on the mental processes memory and forgetting



Hurray i scored 8/10

4093 days 22 hours 13 minutes ago


It was fun taking tests.I can use this examples to support my answer in exam

4112 days 17 hours 8 minutes ago

anju joshi

da test is great ,,,i cam to kno a lot of new terms in memory processes...

4392 days 2 hours 48 minutes ago


Great! I love taking tests. I am not familiar with memory processes so I used intuition, logic and google answering the questions :) more tests required :)

4479 days 10 hours 16 minutes ago

Cynthia DCosta
Lecturer in Education

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