GRE QUANT (Quantitative Aptitude) Online Test

Among three partners January, February and March in a business, the capital of February is equal to half the difference between thrice the capital of March and twice the capital of January. If at the end of the year, they received a profit of Rs.28, 000, what is the share of March?
Rs 11,000
Rs 11,100
Rs 11,200
Rs 11,300
Rs 11,400
Jessy is a building material merchant. He defrauds, by means of a false balance, to the extent of 25% while purchasing the goods as well as while selling the goods. However, he claims to be selling the goods at the cost price to the and thus working to serve the community. However, he knows he stills make a sizeable profit overall. Calculate his net profit percentage?
The length of a rectangular piece of cloth is increased twice successively by 10% each and the breadth is decreased twice successively by 10% each. What is the consequent percentage change the total area of the piece of cloth?
Decrease 1.99 %
Decrease 2.99 %
Increase 1.99 %
Increase 2.99 %
Cannot be determined
Lisa found that if her age (in years) is raised to the power of the age of her daughter (in years), there is no change in Lisa’s age. If the sum of the ages of the Lisa and her daughter is 25 years, how old is Lisa?
24 years
26 years
28 years
30 years
32 years
In a football match, the number of fouls committed by any team is equal to a power of the number of player committing those fouls and playing in the team. Six players committed fouls for team A while all the eleven players committed fouls for team B. If team A committed 95 more fouls that team B, then find the total fouls committed by players of team A.
When the same numbers of baseball bats were distributed among 2 groups of players, comprising 4 and 6 players, 2 bats were left in each case. What is the smallest number of bats distributed to each group?
Find the value of y for x = 3, If y tends to vary directly with x with a constant of variation as 10.
The LCM three numbers is 2016, and two out of these three numbers are 24, 36 and their GCD is 4. Then the smallest possible value of the third number would be?
There are 24 boys and 36 girls in a class. A candy manufacturer wants to try out his new product and brings two boxes of equal number of candies in each box. When first box of candies was distributed equally among boys, 7 sweets were left in the box. When the other box was distributed among girls, then 19 candies were left in the second box. If the number of candies in one box is a 4-digit number, then find the largest such number.
A bag contains 40 balls of both red balls and white balls in the ratio 3: 1. How much white balls should be added to the bag so that the ratio of red balls and white balls is 1: 3?
If the total amount of Rs. 320 is to be divided among Andy, Ben and Chris so that Andy may have Rs.30 more than Ben and Chris may have Rs.20 more than Andy. Then how much would Chris get
Rs 130
Rs 135
Rs 140
Rs 145
Rs 150
In a club, the food is sufficient for 24 groups of four men each for only 120 days. After thirty days, 24 more men join them. How many days less wills the provisions last?
24 days
20 days
18 days
16 days
Cannot be determined
Find the present age of my mother, if her age is six years more than three times his my age. And, if after four years her age would be 12 years more than twice my age.
30 years
32 years
34 years
36 years
40 years
Find the smallest in a group of the three numbers, if their sum is 432 and the first number is 3/4 times the second and the third number is half of the second number.
Calculate the speed of motorcycle in minutes per hour during the stoppages, if its average speed with stoppages is 26kmph while that without stoppages is 40kmph?
21 minutes
22 minutes
23 minutes
24 minutes
25 minutes

The test contains 15 questions based on Quantitative Aptitude as per original GRE test. These 15 questions each of relating to Number Systems, Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry topics which are among the frequently asked topics in the original GRE test. The GRE writers often bring simple problems where in you are to analyze the situations and apply the fundamental concepts of mathematics. An attempt has been made to provided to keep the language of the questions very simple.
Disclaimer: Content, such as images used in the questions (if any), have been picked up from various places for the sole purpose of Instruction.



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In questioned no 13 it is assumed that length and breadth of a rectangle are same in the solution provided please explain how can the length and breadth of a rectangle be same

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