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Pasteurization of milk involve heating for
60 minutes at about 900 C
30 minutes at about 500 C
30 minutes about 650 C
60 minutes at 1000 C
The long-term prospects for a truly human civilization depend in a large measure on
the ability of humanity to moderate its fecundity
increasing the food production
colonization of underpopulated areas
control of human disease
The silkworm silk is the product of
cuticle of the larva
cuticle of the adult
salivary gland of the larva
salivary gland of the adult
Most of our crop plants are
Autopolyploid in origin
Allopolyploid in origin
Mixed genotypic in origin
Heterozygous in origin
Haploid plants are preferred over diploids for mutation study because in haploids
Recessive mutation express immediately
Induction of mutations is easier
Culturing is easier
Dominant mutation express immediately
Which of the following pairs of an animal and a plant represents endangered organisms in India?
Tamarind and Rhesus monkey
Cinchona and leopard
Banyan and black buck
Bentinckia nicobarica and Red Panda
Which of the following is considered a hot-spot of biodiversity in India?
Indo- Gangetic Plain
Eastern Ghtsa
Aravalli Hills
Western Ghats
Which one of the following is not included under in-situ conservation?
Botanical garden
Biosphere reserve
National park
Which one of the following is the correct matched pair of an endangered animal and National Park?
Rhinoceros - Kaziranga National Park
Wild ass - Dudhwa National Park
Great Indian bustard - Keoladeo National Park
Lion – Corbett National Park
Which endangered animal is the source of world’s finest, lightest, warmest and most expensive wool the shahtoosh?
Kashmiri goat
Which one of the following statement is correct in relation to honey bees?
Apis indica is the largest wild honey bee in India
Honey is predominantly sucrose and arabinose
Beeswax is a waste product of honey bees
Communication in honey bees was discovered by Karl Von Frisch
The worker honey bee normally lives for about
15 days
30 days
90 days
10 days
Honey is
acidic when fresh and alkaline when old
In crop movement programme, haploids are important because they
Require one half of nutrients
Are helpful in study of meiosis
Grow better under adverse conditions
Form perfect homozygous
Which one of the following is not a living fossil?
King crab
An important evidence in favour of organic evolution is the occurrence of
Analogous and vestigial organs
Homologous organs only
Homologous and analogous organs
Homologous and vestigial organs
Evolutionary history of an organism is known as
There are two opposing views about origin of modern man. According to one view Homo erectus in Asia were the ancestors of modern man. A study variation of DNA however suggested African origin of modern man. What kind of observation on DNA. Variation could suggest this?
Greater variation in Asia than in Africa
Greater variation in Africa than in Asia
Similar variation in Africa and Asia
Variation only in Asia and no variation in Africa
What kind of evidence suggested that man is more closely related with chimpanzee than with other hominoid apes?
Evidence from DNA from sex chromosomes only
Comparison of chromosomes morphology only
Evidence from fossil remains, and the fossil mitochondrial DNA alone
Evidence from DNA extracted from sex chromosomes, autosomes and mitochondria
Which one of the following sequences was proposed by Darwin and Wallace for organic evolution?
Variations, natural selection, overproduction, constancy of population size
Overproduction, variations, constancy of population size, natural selection
Variations, constancy of population size, overproduction, natural selection
Overproduction, constancy of population size, variations, natural selection
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