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Statement will generate an error.
Create Index indexname On Employee (EmpID), What will be result of this Query?
Create a Clusterd index on EmpID Column of Employee Table.
Create a Non Clustered index on EmpID Column of Employee Table.
Create a Composite index On Employee table
Create a Unique Index on Employee Table.
Which of the following is not an aggregate function in SQL SERVER 2005?
What will happen when will execute the following SQL Query [Select ‘Customer’ + CustomerID FROM Tbl_Customer] CustomerID is an integer type Column in Tbl_Customer Table
The Query will generate Error
The Query Will generate Error and Can be Rewritten as Select ‘Customer’ + Convert(VACHAR,10, CustomerID) FROM Tbl_Customer
The SQL Server will use default conversion FROM Int to Varchar and will be executed successfully
The Query will be executed successfully
How many clustered indexes can be created on single table?
Up to number of columns in table
Which is not the type of JOIN in SQL SERVER 2005?
Which of the following is not a valid constraint in SQL SERVER?
_________ removes all rows from a table, but the table structure and its columns, constraints, indexes and so on remain. The counter used by an identity for new rows is reset to the seed for the column.
Choose the statement that best describes a composite index.
It physically sorts the rows in a table.
It contains multiple keys.
It logically sorts the rows in a table in both ascending and descending order.
It contains multiple columns in its key.
Omitting the WHERE clause from a TRUNCATE statement has which of the following effects?
The truncate statement will fail because there are no records to delete.
The truncate statement will prompt the user to enter criteria for the deletion
The truncate statement will fail because of syntax error.
The truncate statement will remove all records from the table.
In a SELECT statement that includes a WHERE clause, where is the GROUP BY clause placed?
before the WHERE clause
before the FROM clause
after the ORDER BY clause
after the WHERE clause
What statement could you use in the WHERE clause to select all the rows in a table where no price is defined?
WHERE price <>NULL
WHERE price != 0
Referential integrity refers to what?
The enforced uniqueness of a row in a table
The enforced uniqueness of a column in a table
Ensuring that a Foreign Key attribute cannot be NULL
The enforced synchronization of Primary Key and Foreign Key values
Where the first name is Bobby or Bobbi. Choose all that apply.
WHERE name = ‘Bobby’ or name = ‘Bobbi’
WHERE name LIKE ‘Bobb_’
WHERE name LIKE ‘Bobb[iy]’
Above all
How many non clustered indexes can be there on single table in SQL Server 2005?
A ________________ is a special type of index that reorders the way records in the table are physically stored.
clustered index
non – clustered index
composite index
You are transferring records from one database to another through app server. You need to decide on appropriate method to do bulk insert operation to transfer the records. What should you do?
Ensure that the source database is Microsoft SQL Server and use SqlBulkCopy class.
Use OpenXML method of Microsoft SQL Server.
Pass the data as string in the Stored procedure and Create a temporary table and use cursors to insert rows
Perform an insert operation for each record in the source object and in a foreach loop.

Objective type MS SQL Server 2005 interview questions (Indexes, SQL Queries, Database Structure and Normalization) for Software Engineer, DBA Database Developer.


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Today I attend one of your SQL Server Test.
I have doubt in one question. Please Clear my Doubt.

Question is:
What will happen when will execute the following SQl Query
[SELECT 'Customer'+CustomerId From Tbl_Customer]
CustomerId is an Integer type column in Tbl_Customer Table

Your Ans is:
The Query wilSee more

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Write a Select SQL statement which will display the emp_id,emp_name,comission_amt of the sales person who receives the second highest comission_amt.(TableName= Sales_comission)

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good check for beginners

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