Psychology of Learning Online Test

A hungry man stole a piece of bread despite his conscience telling him that it was wrong. This is because of ------------------

Porgrammed Instruction is a product of the -------------Theory

Before teaching the poem 'Daffodils' by Wordsworth , the teacher gave the class a brief description of the Lake District where Wordsworth grew up. Which Theory has the teacher applied?

Out of the following factors affecting attention, --------------is an objective factor

Morris is learning to type. He types words and is now on to typing sentences. Morris is undergoing a plateau in his learning curve. Apparently this is due to

The stage in a learning curve with no apparent progress is called as

Sajida is a ten month old girl. She is able to walk a few steps. This is a change due to

Michael takes lessons in guitar twice a week. He is able to play a few tunes after three months. This change in behaviour is due to

(2) A person demonstrates change in behaviour under the influence of intoxicants. Which of the following is true?

According to Maslow's herarchy of needs, after physiological needs, safety needs and need for belongingness are satisfied , ------------ need surfaces


This is a test for B.Ed students



mengeluarkan koth KhQ
oran dan terakhir dikeringkan dengan cara dipanggang untuk mengeluarkan uap yang mengandung air.

2080 days 1 hours 54 minutes ago


seperti karbon, sulfur, fosfor, silikon, serta kotoran seperti tanah liat, pasir, dan tanah.
sebesar kepalan tangan, dipilih yang mengandung unsur logam, dicuci dengan air unruk

2080 days 1 hours 58 minutes ago

vaishali s. hinge

Hi Cynthia score is 5/10

4220 days 23 hours 32 minutes ago

anju joshi

a nice test...

4392 days 31 minutes ago

manisha pande

hi miss my score is 8/10 .

4423 days 5 hours 8 minutes ago


the tests are very helpful in my net exams study. thanks

4436 days 18 hours 53 minutes ago


Very good test!

4479 days 9 hours 6 minutes ago

Cynthia DCosta
Lecturer in Education

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