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Examine these statements: 1. MOUNT mounts the database for certain DBA activities but does not provide user access to the database. 2. The NOMOUNT command creates only the Data Buffer but does not provide access to the database. 3. The OPEN command enables users to access the database. 4. The STARTUP command starts an instance. Which option correctly describes whether some or all of the statements are TRUE or FALSE?
2 and 3 are TRUE
1 and 3 are TRUE
1 is TRUE, 4 is FALSE
1 is FALSE, 4 is TRUE
Consider this SQL statement: UPDATE employees SET first_name = 'John' WHERE emp_id = 1009; COMMIT; What happens when a user issues the COMMIT in the above SQL statement?
Dirty buffers in the database buffer cache are flushed.
The server process places the commit record in the redo log buffer.
Log Writer (LGWR) writes the redo log buffer entries to the redo log files and data files.
The user process notifies the server process that the transaction is complete.
Which type of file is part of the Oracle database?
Control file
Password file
Parameter files
Archived log files
Your developers asked you to create an index on the PROD_ID column of the SALES_HISTORY table, which has 100 million rows. The table has approximately 2 million rows of new data loaded on the first day of every month. For the remainder of the month, the table is only queried. Most reports are generated according to the PROD_ID, which has 96 distinct values. Which type of index would be appropriate?
Reverse key
Unique B-Tree
Normal B-Tree
You examine the alert log file and notice that errors are being generated from a QL*Plus session. Which files are best for providing you with more information about the nature of the problem?
Control file
User trace files
Background trace files
Initialization parameter files
The users pward and psmith have left the company. You no longer want them to have access to the database. You need to make sure that the objects they created in the database remain. What do you need to do?
Revoke the CREATE SESSION privilege from the user.
Drop the user from the database with the CASCADE option.
Delete the users and revoke the CREATE SESSION privilege.
Delete the users by using the DROP USER command from the database.
Which two actions cause a log switch?
The current online redo log group is filled & The ALTER SYSTEM SWITCH LOGFILE command is issued.
The current online redo log group is filled & A transaction completes.
The current online redo log group is filled & The instance is started.
The current online redo log group is filled & The instance is shut down
Which statement about the shared pool is true?
The shared pool CANNOT be dynamically resized.
The shared pool contains only fixed structures
The shared pool consists of the library cache and buffer cache.
The shared pool stores the most recently executed SQL statements and the most recently accessed data definitions
You need to create an index on the PASSPORT_RECORDS table. It contains 10 millionrows of data. The key columns have low cardinality. The queries generated against this table use a combination of multiple WHERE conditions involving the OR operator. Which type of index would be best for this type of table?
Reverse key
Your database contains a locally managed uniform sized table space with automatic segment-space management, which contains only tables. Currently, the uniform size for the table space is 512 K. Because the tables have become so large, your configuration must change to improve performance. Now the tables must reside in a table space that is locally managed, with uniform size of 5 MB and automatic segment-space management. What must you do to meet the new requirements?
The new requirements cannot be met.
Re-create the control file with the correct settings.
Use the ALTER TABLESPACE command to increase the uniform size.
Create a new table space with correct settings then move the tables into the new table space.
Which statement is not true about the use of online redo log files?
Redo log files are used only for recovery.
Each redo log within a group is called a member.
Redo log files provide the means to redo transactions in the event of an instance failure
Redo log files are organized into a minimum of three groups.
You decided to use multiple buffer pools in the database buffer cache of your database. You set the sizes of the buffer pools with the DB_KEEP_CACHE_SIZE and DB_RECYCLE_CACHE_SIZE parameters and restarted your instance. What else must you do to enable the use of the buffer pools?
Re-create the schema objects and assign them to the appropriate buffer pool.
List each object with the appropriate buffer pool initialization parameter.
Shut down the database to change the buffer pool assignments for each schema object.
Issue the ALTER statement and specify the buffer pool in the BUFFER_POOL clause for the schema objects you want to assign to each buffer pool.
Which statement about an Oracle instance is true?
The redo log buffer is NOT part of the shared memory area of an Oracle instance.
Multiple instances can execute on the same computer, each accessing its own physical database.
An Oracle instance is a combination of memory structures, background processes, and user processes.
In a shared server environment, the memory structure component of an instance consists of a single SGA and a single PGA.
User A issues this command: UPDATE emp SET id=200 WHERE id=1 Then user B issues this command: UPDATE emp SET id=300 WHERE id=1 User B informs you that the UPDATE statement seems to be hung. How can you resolve the problem so user B can continue working?
No action is required
Ask user B to abort the statement
Ask user A to commit the transaction
Ask user B to commit the transaction
Which data dictionary view would you use to get a list of all database users and their Default settings?

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