e learning approaches Online Test

(1) Ms. Shetty and her students have an understanding of what the students know and what they ought to learn. This is the -------------------------role according to Laurillard Model

(2) In the Five step Model given by Gilly Salmon, providing links outside closed conferences will be part of -------stage.

(3) If I as a tutor, set up a simulation for you to learn and you learn through discovery, it can be termed as----------------interaction

(4) A new student in an e-class is very nervous. The tutor puts him at ease. According to Gilly Salmon's Model, this will be

(5) After an e-class on e learning approaches, Aarti, Sayali, Jayati and Madhukar have surfed the Web and supplied information about several good sites to the tutor as well as to ohter students. The tutor also continually offers feedback to their observations and remarks.What would you term this interaction as?


this test evalautes your understanding of Laurillard's Model and Gilly Salmon's Model


bhagyashree borkar

Dear mam, I got 4/5 in the test. but I think my second answer is correct.(on line socialisation or it may be knowledge building) if not please exmlpify the Q2. thanks for taking efforts for us you really are a dedicated teacher. regards, bhagyashree borkar (ebed1010)

4492 days 47 minutes ago

Cynthia DCosta

Thanks everyone for your response. Regarding Q2. Please see the diagram for Gilly Salmon's Model. But I do think the choices were close. Qs like this encourage us to delve deeper into the Model.@ Ted Kopp... thanks for your suggestions. Actually this test was more of a learning experience for me. Now that I know more of online testing and now that my studentSee more

4493 days 8 hours 32 minutes ago

Madhukar Chavan

Mam, Excellent effort by you to give us in deep possible exposure to eLearning environment. I got 5 on 5 in this test. Regards, Madhukar

4493 days 17 hours 58 minutes ago

Your Name

Dear Mam
i was a really nice and brain troubling experience . If we get this kind of activity after every topic. i think it will help us to understand better.

4493 days 21 hours 1 minutes ago

Dr. Veena Deshmukh

Dear Cynthia,
Very good work. I appreciate your efforts. also students have shown interest by taking the test. but only 2 have written comments we should generate more of dialogues.
IN Q.2 the stem of the question goes one step ahead of knowledge construction.

4494 days 13 hours 2 minutes ago


It was realy very good experience. And I was also thinking same as Sayali said about quesion 2. I answered it as knowledge construction which shows as incorrect. Regards, Veda

4494 days 14 hours 31 minutes ago

Ted Kopp


Thanks for providing this test. A couple of comments: (1) Five questions is too few, and (2) Please fix spelling error on question 5.

Thanks - Ted

4494 days 17 hours 20 minutes ago

Sayali Dubash

Dear Cynthia Mam, It was a good experience, Thank you for providing the link. Just a quick question for the question No2 wouldn't knowledge construction also a possible answer? Regards, Sayali

4494 days 18 hours 57 minutes ago


Mam,Thanks for putting online test ,this will make us more sharp and we will understand actual application rather than just understanding the theory.We are looking forward for more this kind of tests. Thanks and regards, Aarti

4494 days 20 hours 1 minutes ago

Cynthia DCosta
Lecturer in Education

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