English Grammar Tenses (Short Entrance Test)

The filmmakers favored long shots that _________ a longer scene without any unnecessary editing or constant cuts.

An aside is a dramatic device in which a character speaks a brief comment to the audience who understands that the character's speech ______ by the other characters in the drama.

Glaciers absorb 20% of the Sun’s heat while the rest is reflected back. If the Glaciers melt, the Earth gets exposed and this percentage ______.

Glaciers can be sustained only when the falling snow exceeds the melting ice. The melting glaciers are a source of freshwater, which is _____ by people for drinking, irrigation and production of electricity.

The Senate _________ the blistering criticism of the rebellion and took extreme measures to suppress it.

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This is a very short test for students and learners who want to quickly check their current knowledge of Tenses. If even a single answer goes wrong, you should brush up your basics of Grammar. To book a class on Tenses, contact me namrata_arora@rediffmail.com


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