World Geography for General Online Test

What is the relative position of the sun, moon and the earth at time of solar eclipse?
The sun and moon are in opposition
The sun and moon are in conjunction
The three makes a right angle triangle
None of the above
What is the shape of the earth’s orbit around the sun?
What is the term for combining small and scattered fields into a big unit?
Imposition of ceiling on land holding
Demarcation of land
Acquisition of land
Consolidation of land holding
What is the western most island of Europe?
Republic of Ireland
Canary islands
What name is given to the study f inter-relationships between the various organisms and their relationship with the physical environment?
Ecological balance
What percent of earth’s surface is covered by water?
20.2 per cent
70.8 per cent
50 per cent
90 per cent
When the force of wind is concentrated on a particular spot in the landscape, erosion can carve out a pit called
Deflation hollow
Eolian hollow
Fluvial hollow
None of the above
When the moon completely blocks out the sun for as long as seven to eight minutes
Total lunar eclipse occurs
Partial lunar eclipse occurs
Partial solar eclipse occurs
Total solar eclipse occurs
When the moon is more than half illuminated, it is said to be in the
Crescent phase
Gibbous phase
First quarter
Last quarter
When the sun is overhead
Sunlight passes through less of the atmosphere
Sunlight is scattered less
It appears white or yellow
All of the above
When the weather office predicts “depression” over a certain area, it means
Cloudy skies
The atmospheric pressure in that area is lower than in the surrounding areas
Heavy weather causing a feeling of depression
Low atmospheric pressure over a large area
When two glaciers flow together, two lateral, moraines can merge to form an interior belt of debris called
Terminal moraine
Recessional moraine
Lateral moraine
Medial moraine
When the Panama Canal completed and which country or countries was constructed it?
1869, Great Britain and France
1890, Egypt and Iraq
1905, Great Britain and Egypt
1914, USA
When water is condensed under varying atmospheric conditions, it forms
Rain or snow
All of the above
Where are mulberry trees grown mainly for silk production in China?
Hwang Ho basin
Si Kiang valley
Manchurian plain
Yangtze delta
Where does our solar system lie in the huge galaxy known as the milky way?
Centre of the galaxy
Corner of the galaxy
Bottom of the galaxy
Top of the galaxy
Where the ethnic group does called Dayak Live?
Tenggara Sunda Islands
West Timor
Where the aluminum industry is generally located?
Near the consuming centers
Near the source of power
Near the seacoast
Near the centers of raw materials
Where is the Dogger Bank which is a major fishing are, located?
North Pacific ocean
South Pacific ocean
North sea
South Atlantic ocean
Where the particles are carried by the medium without touching surface of the origin, this process is called

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