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What does the following program does? $content) {      echo "headers[$name] = $content
n"; } ?>
Does not output anything
Will show all the request headers
Give Error
Will disable all the request headers
A developer faces the following error in PHP namely: 'DCOM is disabled in C:path...scriptname.php on line 10' In this scenario which of the following must be done?
The value of com.allow_dcom must be set to TRUE in php.ini file.
Change the sciptname to remove the error
It is not possible to remove the error
Debug the application
The function used to delete a file is
In a string of text defined double quotes is used instead of single quotes in which of the following scenarios
When you wanted every character to be taken as a literal
When you wanted to include variables and special sequences such as n within the string
When you wanted to include special characters such as @ and % within the string
When you wanted the string to be more than one character long
The cookie can be set as
From within your PHP page, but only after you've completed sending out the body of the response page.
From within your PHP page; you can set a cookie at any time if your server is configured to buffer your output, but you can only send it before any regular (HTML) data is send to the browser if your server is configured to NOT buffer
From instructions held in the php.ini file
From within your PHP page, at any time


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