Financial statement Online Test

Profit and Loss account is a -------------- account

balance sheet shows---------------------- of the company

In Ratio Analysis, “Cross-sectional Analysis” refers to:
Comparison of a firm’s ratios with those of a few selected firms (especially the competitors) computed at the same point of time
Picking up selected ratios and comparing it with other ratios
Comparison of the ratios of one section of the firm with the ratios of another department of the firm
Comparison of ratios of the firm over a period of time
Which of the following is NOT a Source of Cash?
Payments of Cash dividends
Decrease in assets other than cash
Increase in Debentures
Increase in Liabilities
Which of the following would increase the Cash Flow of a firm?
Decrease in “Income in Advance”
An increase in the Prepaid expenses of the firm
An increase in Debtors
A decrease in Inventory




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