Ionic Equilibrium Online Test

Which of the following is non-electrolyte?
Ammonium hydroxide is a ____.
strong electrolyte
weak electrolyte
both under different conditions
Ammonium hydroxide is a weak base because ____.
it has low vapour pressure
it is only slightly ionized
it is not a hydroxide of any metal
it has low density
Electrolytes when dissolved in water dissociate into their constituent ions. The degree of dissociation of an electrolyte increases with ____.
increasing concentration of the electrolyte
decreasing concentration of the electrolyte
decreasing temperature
presence of a substance yielding a common ion
An electrolyte ____.
gives complex ions in solution
dissolves in water to give ions
is ionized in the solid state
generates ions on passing electric current
A monoprotic acid in 1.00 M solution is 0.01% ionized. The dissociation constant of this acid is ____.
Molten sodium chloride conducts electricity due to the presence of ____.
free electrons
free ions
free molecules
atoms of sodium and chlorine
An example for a strong electrolyte ____.
Ammonium hydroxide
Sodium acetate
Which one is strongest electrolyte in the following?
The equivalent conductance at infinite dilution of a weak acid such as ____.
Is an undefined quantity
If  is the degree of ionization,  the concentration of a weak electrolyte and the acid ionization constant, then the correct relationship between  and is ____.
Theory of ionization was given by ____.
An ionizing solvent has ____.
low value of dielectric constant
high value of dielectric constant
a dielectric constant equal to 1
has a high melting point
The extent of ionization increases ____.
with the increase in concentration of solute
on addition of excess water to solution
on decreasing the temperature of solution
on stirring the solution vigorously
Which is generally true about ionic compounds?
Have low boiling point
Have low melting point
Soluble in non polar solvents
Conduct electricity in the fused state
At infinite dilution, the percentage ionisation for both strong and weak electrolytes is ____.
The degree of ionization of a compound depends on ____.
size of solute molecules
nature of solute molecules
nature of vessel used
quantity of electricity passed
For a weak acid  Ostwald's dilution law is represented by the equation ____.
Acetic acid is a weak electrolyte because ____.
its molecular weight is high
it is covalent compound
it does not dissociate much or its ionization is very less
it is highly unstable
Vent Hoff factor of  of conc.  is 1.98. Percentage dissociation of  on this conc. Is ____.
In which of the following solutions, ions are present?
Sucrose in water
Cesium nitrate in water
Ethanol in water
The following equilibrium exists in aqueous solution, ? if dil HCl is added, without change in temperature, the ____.
the equilibrium constant will increase
the equilibrium constant will decrease

This test includes the questions from Ionic Equilibrium and Arrhenius theory


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