VARK Learning Style Inventory Test

You are helping someone who wants to go to your airport, town center or railway station. You Would:

You are not sure whether a word should be spelled 'dependent' or 'dependant'. You would:

You like website that have:

1, 9, 6 and 88 are known as what?

Cool Whip is what of the below?


The following test provides a brief learning-styles inventory that will suggest your dominant learning mode. Read the directions carefully and them complete the test.


Sukhchain Premi Insa

Very good test.............thanks

4435 days 10 hours 36 minutes ago

George Machlan

I think your test has some problems. Isn't cool whip made from eggs, not dairy?

And all of the above can be a choice for web design.

4456 days 23 hours 56 minutes ago

Benjamin VanDamme
ESL Teacher
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