Mock Test - Bank Promotion Test -3

With regard to marketing and distribution of mutual fund / insurance products by banks, what is required to be done by the banks:

For customer transactions in RTGS system:

As per amendment made to exempted categories for CRR calculation purpose, wef Nov 21, 2009, which of the following is not to be exempted:

The provisioning requirement for Standard Assets in respect of which of the following does not match:

For the purpose of treating a saving bank account as inoperative, where a bank credits FD interest in saving bank account:

Which of the following country has been admitted as new member in Asian Clearing Union, to commence operations from Jan 01, 2010:

As per revised criteria in the Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14, the Dollar Diamond Account can be opened for exporters having:

As per Oct 2009 Credit Policy Review, Banks are required to maintain SLR at ___ for net demand and time liabilities, from the fortnight beginning from ____

Trading of which of the following has been started at National Stock Exchange wef Aug 31, 2009:

As per Mid-term review of Credit Policy 2009-10, which of the following derivative instrument is proposed to be introduced:

The term STRIPS, in the context of govt. securities, stands for:

Export Credit Refinance available from RBI has been changed from Nov 2009 from ___ to ___ of eligible export credit outstanding as on 2nd preceding fortnight, as per Oct 2009 Credit Policy Review:

As per Oct 2009 Credit Policy Review, Capital Adequacy Ratio of RRBs is proposed to be raised to ___% by ____:

RBI has permitted banks to use the following, as Business Correspondents for delivery of banking services under Financial Inclusion (i) individual kirana/medical/fair price shop owners; (ii) individual public call office (PCO) operators; (iii) agents of small savings schemes of Government of India/insurance companies; (iv) individuals who own petrol pumps; (v) retired teachers; and (vi) authorised functionaries of well-run self-help groups (SHGs) linked to banks;

As per Revised Lead Bank guidelines, there is a target to provide banking services through a bank outlet in every village having a population of ___, by _____:

As per Oct 2009 Credit Policy Review, Domestic scheduled commercial banks (other than RRBs) are free to open branches in Tier 3 to Tier 6 centres as identified in the Census 2001 (with population up to ____) under general permission.

Which of the following is proposed to be introduced during 2009-10, as per Oct 2009 Credit Policy Review,

The provisioning requirement for Standard Loan accounts of Commercial Real Estate has been changed, as per Oct 2009 Credit Policy Review :

As per Oct 2009 Credit Policy Review, banks’ total provisioning coverage ratio, including floating provisions, should not be less than ___ per cent by end-September 2010.

Where the securitization exposure is undertaken by an originator, the minimum lock-in period for all types of loans would be ____ before these can be securitised


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mangan (Mn), Fosfor (P), dan belerang (S). Unsur-unsur tersebut harus dalam kadar tertentu, sesuai dengan sifat-sifat yang dikehendaki,
secara garis besar besi teknik terbagi

2212 days 23 hours 28 minutes ago


dan ketertahanan terhadap pengaruh luar (korosi, aus, bahan kimia, suhu tinggi dan sebagainya).

Besi teknis selalu tercampur dengan unsure-unsur lain misalnya karbon (C), silicon (Si),

2212 days 23 hours 31 minutes ago

Hitesh Oswal

upcoming promotion date for jmgs 1 in central bank of india??

2559 days 21 hours 26 minutes ago


Going to appear in the written test under fast track for the post of Senior Manager- scale III in RRB . Want suitable material which can help me to enhance my score from 60%(as per average of a no. of mock tests attempted)to at least 75%. Ready to purchase suitable online study material.

2613 days 11 hours 12 minutes ago

Lakshmi Bhai

Sir i want some model questions to appear on-line promotion test for scale-II officer in RRB

2617 days 17 hours 32 minutes ago

P Suresh

sir i am from chaitanya godavari grameena bank,gunturdistrict,andhrapradesh.i am preparing for promotion test from scale-i to scale-ii.i need ur suggestions for preparing.please guide me to score good number of marks in exam

2825 days 12 hours 27 minutes ago

pankaj jha

pankaj jha i am working at rrb in UP.please give more data for the rrb for being useful like us.

3199 days 20 hours 2 minutes ago


very useful for knowledge updation

4010 days 17 hours 12 minutes ago

amar singh rawat

very good fot practice

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N S Toor
He teaches banking to bankers and non-bankers
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