Mock Test - Bank Promotion Test -3

With regard to marketing and distribution of mutual fund / insurance products by banks, what is required to be done by the banks:

For customer transactions in RTGS system:

As per amendment made to exempted categories for CRR calculation purpose, wef Nov 21, 2009, which of the following is not to be exempted:

The provisioning requirement for Standard Assets in respect of which of the following does not match:

For the purpose of treating a saving bank account as inoperative, where a bank credits FD interest in saving bank account:

Which of the following country has been admitted as new member in Asian Clearing Union, to commence operations from Jan 01, 2010:

As per revised criteria in the Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14, the Dollar Diamond Account can be opened for exporters having:

As per Oct 2009 Credit Policy Review, Banks are required to maintain SLR at ___ for net demand and time liabilities, from the fortnight beginning from ____

Trading of which of the following has been started at National Stock Exchange wef Aug 31, 2009:

As per Mid-term review of Credit Policy 2009-10, which of the following derivative instrument is proposed to be introduced:

The term STRIPS, in the context of govt. securities, stands for:

Export Credit Refinance available from RBI has been changed from Nov 2009 from ___ to ___ of eligible export credit outstanding as on 2nd preceding fortnight, as per Oct 2009 Credit Policy Review:

As per Oct 2009 Credit Policy Review, Capital Adequacy Ratio of RRBs is proposed to be raised to ___% by ____:

RBI has permitted banks to use the following, as Business Correspondents for delivery of banking services under Financial Inclusion (i) individual kirana/medical/fair price shop owners; (ii) individual public call office (PCO) operators; (iii) agents of small savings schemes of Government of India/insurance companies; (iv) individuals who own petrol pumps; (v) retired teachers; and (vi) authorised functionaries of well-run self-help groups (SHGs) linked to banks;

As per Revised Lead Bank guidelines, there is a target to provide banking services through a bank outlet in every village having a population of ___, by _____:

As per Oct 2009 Credit Policy Review, Domestic scheduled commercial banks (other than RRBs) are free to open branches in Tier 3 to Tier 6 centres as identified in the Census 2001 (with population up to ____) under general permission.

Which of the following is proposed to be introduced during 2009-10, as per Oct 2009 Credit Policy Review,

The provisioning requirement for Standard Loan accounts of Commercial Real Estate has been changed, as per Oct 2009 Credit Policy Review :

As per Oct 2009 Credit Policy Review, banks’ total provisioning coverage ratio, including floating provisions, should not be less than ___ per cent by end-September 2010.

Where the securitization exposure is undertaken by an originator, the minimum lock-in period for all types of loans would be ____ before these can be securitised


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mangan (Mn), Fosfor (P), dan belerang (S). Unsur-unsur tersebut harus dalam kadar tertentu, sesuai dengan sifat-sifat yang dikehendaki,
secara garis besar besi teknik terbagi

2080 days 6 hours 39 minutes ago


dan ketertahanan terhadap pengaruh luar (korosi, aus, bahan kimia, suhu tinggi dan sebagainya).

Besi teknis selalu tercampur dengan unsure-unsur lain misalnya karbon (C), silicon (Si),

2080 days 6 hours 41 minutes ago

Hitesh Oswal

upcoming promotion date for jmgs 1 in central bank of india??

2427 days 4 hours 36 minutes ago


Going to appear in the written test under fast track for the post of Senior Manager- scale III in RRB . Want suitable material which can help me to enhance my score from 60%(as per average of a no. of mock tests attempted)to at least 75%. Ready to purchase suitable online study material.

2480 days 18 hours 22 minutes ago

Lakshmi Bhai

Sir i want some model questions to appear on-line promotion test for scale-II officer in RRB

2485 days 42 minutes ago

P Suresh

sir i am from chaitanya godavari grameena bank,gunturdistrict,andhrapradesh.i am preparing for promotion test from scale-i to scale-ii.i need ur suggestions for preparing.please guide me to score good number of marks in exam

2692 days 19 hours 37 minutes ago

pankaj jha

pankaj jha i am working at rrb in UP.please give more data for the rrb for being useful like us.

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very useful for knowledge updation

3878 days 22 minutes ago

amar singh rawat

very good fot practice

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N S Toor
He teaches banking to bankers and non-bankers
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