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Which of the following is NOT an example of a project?
Develop a new product or service or result
Change the password of a user for logging into a bank website
Run a campaign for political office
Implement a new business procedure or process

As a project manager, you understand the importance of identifying and documenting project risks. Inthis context, which of the following statements is true?
Risk identification occurs during the Planning of the project
Risk identification occurs during Monitoring and Controlling of the project
Risk identification occurs during Execution of the project
Risk identification occurs during different project stages depending on the type of the project

You are a project manager with NASA and are involved in designing satellite systems. In this context,who among the following cannot initiate your new project?
Project Team
Portfolio Organization of NASA
Company in England, which wants a particular type of satellite to be developed by NASA

Your project is complete and you are performing project closure activities. In this context, what shouldyou do LAST?
Creating final product, service, or result transition
Releasing project resources working on the project
Updating organizational process assets
Accepting deliverables

Improving competencies and interaction of team members helps in improving project performance.This activity is performed as part of which project Process Group?
Monitoring and Controlling

Your project involves manufacturing high-precision engine subassemblies for the shipping industry.You have to perform several activities such as measuring, examining, and verifying to determinewhether work and deliverables meet requirements and product acceptance criteria. You would have todo product reviews, audits, and walkthroughs. These activities are carried out in which process?
Validate Scope
Quality Inspection
Collect Requirements
Control Scope

You are reaching project completion, and want to understand whether your project was successful. Inthis context, for a project to be successful, what is the primary requirement?
Customer satisfaction
Exceeding customer expectations
Meeting the cost and schedule estimates
Satisfying the requirements of the project sponsor

In your project, while doing scope verification of the product, the customer points out that a particularwork component performed by a team member is not as per specification. You review the project WBSand confirm that the customer is correct. What would be your NEXT step?
Put the particular requirement through the change control process
Call a meeting of your project team to discuss this requirement
Escalate the issue to your project sponsor
Review the requirement and talk with the team member who implemented the requirement

Your company is contracting a sub-project to another company. The company which accepts thesubproject should:
Use the WBS of a similar project from another client
Create a more detailed WBS for the contracted work from the work package that was contracted
Break down the WBS of the parent project to WBS packages
Use the WBS Dictionaries of the parent project to assign work

In your project, you are now interested in determining the cause of variance relative to the scopebaseline and deciding whether corrective action is required. You should use:
Configuration management system
Variance analysis
Earned value spreadsheets

In the Control Schedule process, changes to project schedule can result in change requests to:
Schedule baseline
Components of project plan
Activity attributes
Schedule baseline and/or components of project plan

While preparing the schedule for the project activities, you find that there is very limited information onactivity durations; so you wish to use the actual duration of a previous, similar activity as a basis forestimating future activity. Which estimating tool do you use?
Three-point estimates
Parametric estimating
Quantitative estimating
Analogous estimating

Which of the following items is not included in schedule data?
Order and delivery schedules
Cash-flow projections
Resource histograms
Cost baseline

Which of the following is NOT an organizational process asset that could influence the EstimateActivity Durations process?
Historical duration information
Project calendars
Scheduling methodology
Organization culture and systems

You are managing a project relocating an old stadium and creating a train station in its place. Yourproject has the following duration estimates for three activities:Which activity has the highest risk?
Activity 1
Activity 2
Activity 3
All three activities have the same risk, because the most likely estimate for the three activities isthe same

There are two projects:1) Investment in project A is $1,000,000 and its NPV is $100,0002) Investment in project B is $1,200,000, its net cash inflows are $2,000,000, and net cash outflowsare $1,900,000Which project should be selected if net present value (NPV) criterion is used for selection?
Project A
Project B
The information in the question is inadequate
Either project A or project B

You are creating a cost performance baseline for your project. In this context, which of the followingstatements related to cost performance baseline is incorrect?
It is a time - phased budget.
It is used as a basis for comparison to actual results.
It is developed as a summation of the approved budgets for the different schedule activities.
It includes management reserves.

In your project, there have been several changes in the cost and schedule estimates, and the originalestimating assumptions are no longer valid. Calculate the estimate at completion (EAC) for yourproject based on the following data?BAC = $300,000AC = $100,000EV = $150,000CPI = 1.2ETC = $120,000

In your project, you have monitored the status of the project to update the project costs and managechanges to the cost baseline. Which of the following is an output of the Control Costs process?
Basis of estimates
Cost forecasts
Cost change control system
Work performance data

The value of work actually accomplished is also known as
Planned Value
Earned Value
Actual Cost
Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled (BCWS)

As a project manager, you want to ensure that appropriate quality standards and operationaldefinitions are used for your products. In this context, which of the following tools or techniques wouldyou use to achieve this objective?A. Quality auditB. Process analysisC. Quality control measurementsD. All quality planning tools and techniques
Only A
A and B
A, B and D
All of the Above

You are working on a construction project. You gather data regularly on the productivity of severalemployees and tasks (e.g., concrete poured per hour, length of electrical wiring done by a person perday, etc.). You compare this with that of similar projects embodied in your organizational processassets. This is a real life example of:
Force field analysis
Cost of quality
Design of experiments

In your pharmaceutical company, quality is an important criterion to determine project success. Whichof the following is not an example of cost of nonconformance?
Loss of reputation

From a project management perspective, which of the following BEST describes quality attributes?
They are the quality criteria that are to be met mandatorily.
They provide a basis for judging a project’s success or failure.
They provide a basis for determining how effectively performing organization supports the project.
They are the specific characteristics for which a project’s product is designed and tested.

In your project, you are doing a structured review to determine whether product activities comply withorganizational and project policies. This is conducted as part of (a) ________________, and isperformed during (b) _____________ process.
(a) Quality audit (b) Quality Assurance
(a) Quality audit (b) Control Quality
(a) Process analysis (b) Quality Assurance
(a) Process analysis (b) Control Quality

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