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Part C Physics:A long cylindrical shell carries positive surface charge ? in the upper half and negative surface charge ??in the lower half. The electric field lines around the cylinder will look like figure given in: (figures areschematic and not drawn to scale)

Part C Physics:A signal of 5 kHz frequency is amplitude modulated on a carrier wave of frequency 2 MHz. Thefrequencies of the resultant signal is/are:
2005 kHz, and 1995 kHz
2005 kHz, 2000 kHz and 1995 kHz
2000 kHz and 1995 kHz
2 MHz only

Part C Physics:A pendulum made of a uniform wire of cross sectional area A has time period T. When an additional mass M is added to its bob, the time period changes to TM. If the Young’s modulus of the material of the wire is Y then 1/Y is equal to: (g = gravitational acceleration)

Part A Chemistry: Which compound would give 5-keto-2-methyl hexanal upon ozonolysis?

Part A Chemistry: The ionic radii (in Å) of N3–, O2– and F– are respectively:
1.36, 1.71 and 1.40
1.71, 1.40 and 1.36
1.71, 1.36 and 1.40
1.36, 1.40 and 1.71

Part A Chemistry: The color of KMnO4 is due to:
d – d transition
L ? M charge transfer transition
? - ?* transition
M ? L charge transfer transition

Part B Maths:The mean of the data set comprising of 16 observations is 16. If one of the observation valued 16 is deletedand three new observations valued 3, 4 and 5 are added to the data, then the mean of the resultant data, is:

Part B Maths:Let O be the vertex and Q be any point on the parabola, x2 = 8y. If the point P divides the line segment OQinternally in the ratio 1 : 3, then the locus of P is :
Y2 = X
Y2 = 2X
X2 = 2Y
X2 = Y

Part B Maths:Let ? and ? be the roots of equation x2 - 6x - 2 = 0. If an = ?n - ?n, for n ? 1, then he value of a10 - 2a8 / 2a9 is equal to:
- 6
- 3

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This is the most difficult question paper. I have attempted the exam as it is required for my job of . But the most happiest thing is that I have passed this exam and got job!

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