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Why is it very important for educators to identify students with learning disabilities in their classrooms and implement appropriate instructional strategies to help those students?
It is only educators who can help students with learning disabilities improve their learning.
It is a school policy to help students with learning disabilities.
Students with learning disabilites find it difficult to try harder, pay closer attention, and improve motivation on their own.
This will help to avoid any misbehavior in the classroom.

True or False: There is a standard instructional approach that all educators need to use to help students with learning disabilities.

One of the instructional strategies for students with LD is control of task difficulty. What does control of task difficulty mean?
Teacher provides intensive instruction with difficult tasks and students help each other in small groups.
Teaching at the student’s instructional level and sequencing tasks from easy to difficult.
Make the learning visible with demonstrations and role plays.
Use technology tools to make the task easier.

Which of the following is the most effective strategy to deal with a student with ADHD?
Maintain a positive attitude and reinforce good behavior and quality work in a timely manner with rewards or sincere praise.
Send the student to the principal's office for advice.
Separate the student from the group for a few minutes and make him/her reflect on the situation.
Purposely ignore the behavior so that not to distract the other students.

True or False: Teaching techniques used for students with ADHD can be beneficial to the entire class.

Which of the following is not an ideal strategy to help students with learning disabilities?
Using role plays and demonstrations
Teaching students in small interactive groups
Using "think aloud" models
Assigning extra tasks inside and outside of the classroom

A Cognitive Learning Strategy refers to:
A situation that occurs when students learn by themselves without any direct instruction.
A mental process or procedure for accomplishing a particular goal.
A teacher-oriented behavior management strategy.
A therapy for students with ADHD

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