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Your beginning (introductory) paragraph should.... (choose 2)
state your thesis at the end.
elaborate on your supporting arguments.
begin with your thesis.
begin with a few sentences that engage the readers and captures their attention.

Your concluding paragraph should... (choose 2)
leave the reader feelling that business has been concluded.
introduce new ideas.
restate your thesis.
not look back to your supporting arguments.

Generally, where is your topic sentence for central (standard, body) paragraphs?
middle of the paragraph.
beginning of the paragraph.
end of the paragraph.

What is the purpose of transitional strategies?
to explore the breadth and depth of your topic.
to engage the reader with questions.
to relate paragraphs to each other and to relate sentences to each other within the paragraph.

For central paragraphs, important ideas are best positioned... (not including the topic sentence)
at the end of the paragraph.
in the middle of the paragraph.
anywhere you like.

What does "flesh out" your ideas mean?
Keep your sentences short.
Develop your ideas fully - add relevant details and be specific.
Leave the reader wanting more.

If one of your supporting sentences does not relate to the topic sentence, you could... (choose all that apply)
omit it.
restructure (recast) the topic sentence.
create an additional paragraph to incorporate it.

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