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How can you assist parents who are in denial of their student’s special needs?
Prove you are right
Build trust through open communication and follow through
Tell your administration to communicate with them
Ignore the parents

Identify one question you can ask parents to assist you in teaching a student with special needs.
What areas of school does your child excel and enjoy?
What did you do to cause this?
Why don't you help your child more?
Is there any similar issue(s) with your student's siblings?

How can other teachers assist you in teaching a student with special needs?
They act as an outlet for your frustrations.
They can take over teaching your class(es).
They can offer advice about what works for the student in their class.
They can gossip about the student with you.

Why should you let your administrator know you are teaching a student with special needs?
Together you can build a plan to assist the student in learning
They can suspend the student from school
They can reassign the student to another class
They can deal with parents

What may give you more insight to the strengths of students with special needs?
Yelling at them until they perform
Seeking advice from a guidance counselor or their favorite teacher/subject
Holding them back to complete a school year over
Asking other students in the class

True or false: Having a student with special needs is a burden and does not improve your abilities to teach the entire class.

What is an initial step you can take if you suspect a student in your class has a special need?
Confront the student
Tell all of your colleagues
Assign basic subject specific tasks if the student struggles

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