earthworm,annelida Online Test

The V-- shaped nephridia present in the Pheretime is called

The ventral blood vessel extends from the _____to _____ segments

The distributing blood vessels in the body of an earthworm is

The number of hearts present in the body of a Pheretima are

The cleavage in earthworm is

The photoreceptor present in the earth worm is having a L shaped optic lens , it is called as

The longest south indian earthworm is called

The nerve ring in arthropoda is present around the oesophagus but in annelides it is present around the

The number of supre intestinal canals in pheretime is/are

The spermatheca in pheretima are present in segments

The grinding mill is

The detailed monograph of Pheretima is given by

The locomotory structure of the earth worm is caled as setae or chaetae . it has ____and _____ muscles attached

cells which are considered as analog to the liver cells of teh vertebrates is

The pH of teh coelomic fluid is

The derivatives of the inner coelomic epithelium are

the totipotent cells of the body are

The outer most covering of the body wall in the earth worms is made up of

The nucleus in the supporting cells of the earth worm is

The covering over the body of an earth worm called as Porphyrin is helpful in


The topic called earthworm is related to the genus Pheretima posthuma .


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