Bank Promotion Exam Mock Test -2

Within overall target of 40% for priority sector lending for domestic banks, advances to weaker section should be ___ or credit equivalent of off-balance sheet exposure, whichever is higher:

For the purpose of priority sector targets, the ANBC or credit equivalent of off-balance sheet exposure will be taken as on:

A micro enterprise rendering services is one, which has investment in ____ up to Rs.____:

For an advance to an MSE up to _____ no collateral security is required:

If a farmer does not want to sell his crop produce immediately and wants to wait for a better price, he can raise a produce marketing loan up to Rs.___ under priority sector.

Loans granted to retail traders up to Rs.______ are part of retail trade in priority sector, if the loan is granted for other commodities:

As per RBI directives, the collateral security and margin is not to be obtained in agriculture advances for a loan up to Rs…..

What is not correct regarding project cost in SJSRY scheme:

As per RBI’s group exposure guidelines, the exposure ceiling for single borrower is:

As per provisions of Section 19 (2) of Banking Regulation Act, the holding of shares of a company by banks can not exceed:

Which of the following statements match in connection with an NPA account:

If an account became sub-standard on Mar 30, 2005 and the balance is Rs.10 lac and security value of Rs.6 lac. The amount of provision as on 31.3.2009 would be :

Which among the following accounts is not an eligible loan accounts for CDR reference:

An Indian tourist gone abroad on a private visit has some unspent foreign exchange comprising currency notes and traveller cheques. What is the time period during which he can surrender the same?

An LC provides pre-shipment credit. Which of the following types of credits, it can be classified:

If a letter of credit does not specify the expiry date of presen¬tation of documents after date of shipment, the documents are to be presented within:

In a letter of credit received by M/s Ludhiana Garments, the amount is stated to be about or approximate US $ 10000. The difference amount in the bill and LC that should not exceed:

X and Y are joint deposit holders and Z is nominee. X and Y have expired:

What is the time for making complaint to Ombudsman by a customer?

Change of risk category under KYC can be considered in not less than ____ years in case of low risk customers and not less ___ years in case of medium / high risk customers.


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