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According to the budget 2007 – 2008 the allocation for education is enhanced by

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Jamshetji Tata, the founder of Tata group began with a textile Mill during which of the following year

Birla’s ranking in cement production (world wide) is considered to be the

Scooter India Ltd has recently joined hands with an Automobile company manufacturing 100 CC bikes, identify the company

Which of the following is not an Aditya Birla Group Company?

The govt is planning to give 5 yrs tax holiday on establishing new units that would manufacture

“Roca” the greatest life style designer in Europe is associated with

To meet the growing demand in India, two steel giants have joined hands. they are:

Masel F7 is a brand of LCD T.V. is from the house of

India’s largest retailer Kishore Bayani is ready to launch his new venture that is suppose to be

The cabinet minister for Parliaments affairs “Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi” is also the minister of

The term MOU in business means

Hema Malini (Bollywood star) along with her daughter is a brand ambassador of

Match the following:

1. Logan (A) Mitsubishi

2. Cedia (B) Renault

3. Mendeo (C) Ford

4. Corsa (D) Opel

Identify the Bank, that is planning to set up $500 million offshore fund.

A European company has a recently approached an insurance company of India to manage its employees retirement funds. Identify the company.

Kunal Dasgupta is a CEO of

Barclays (London) has approached a bank with a merger plan for creating a global bank. Which bank we are talking of

Barclays (London) has approached a bank with a merger plan for creating a global bank. Which bank we are talking of

The Harvard University has released a list of most embarrassing graduates and students, that includes a student of Indian origin. Identify the name of the student

An Indian Co. which is into manufacturing of electrical goods has recently acquired a Dutch Firm “Sylvania” for $300 million. Identify the company

Color-care a hair dye that is ready for launch, comes from

Adani Retails has been acquired by

Identify the company that is into manufacturing of cosmetic skin care product and now plans to establish a power plant and cement factory.

Which cellular operator has introduced “Floating Retail Outlet” in Kashmir?

Identify the bank that is planning to enter insurance sector in collaboration with a European company

From the given options, identify FMCG Major in India which has acquired 60% stake in “Unza” a Singapore based consumer goods company,

Identify the name of the police commissioner of Jamaica, who is investigating Bob Woolmer’s murder case.

“Ladega to Jeetega” a TV commercial is associated with

Fortune hotels is a part of


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