Quantitative Aptitude Test with Answer Explanation

Peter got 30% of the maximum marks in an examination and failed by 10 marks. However, Paul who took the same examination got 40% of the total marks and got 15 marks more than the passing marks. What was the passing marks in the examination?

Two merchants sell, each an article for Rs.1000. If Merchant A computes his profit on cost price, while Merchant B computes his profit on selling price, they end up making profits of 25% respectively. By how much is the profit made by Merchant B greater than that of Merchant A?

Four horses are tethered at 4 corners of a square field of side 70 metres so that they just cannot reach one another. The area left ungrazed by the horses is:

Three math classes: X, Y, and Z, take an algebra test.

The average score in class X is 83.

The average score in class Y is 76.

The average score in class Z is 85.

The average score of all students in classes X and Y together is 79.

The average score of all students in classes Y and Z together is 81.

What is the average for all the three classes?

A shepherd has 1 million sheeps at the beginning of Year 2000. The numbers grow by x% (x > 0) during the year. A famine hits his village in the next year and many of his sheeps die. The sheep population decreases by y% during 2001 and at the beginning of 2002 the shepherd finds that he is left with 1 million sheeps. Which of the following is correct?

What is the sum of all 3 digit numbers that leave a remainder of '2' when divided by 3?

A and B can do a piece of work in 21 and 24 days respectively. They started the work together and after some days A leaves the work and B completes the remaining work in 9 days. After how many days did A leave?

Of the 200 candidates who were interviewed for a position at a call center, 100 had a two-wheeler, 70 had a credit card and 140 had a mobile phone. 40 of them had both, a two-wheeler and a credit card, 30 had both, a credit card and a mobile phone and 60 had both, a two wheeler and mobile phone and 10 had all three. How many candidates had none of the three?

A tank is fitted with 8 pipes, some of them that fill the tank and others that are waste pipe meant to empty the tank. Each of the pipes that fill the tank can fill it in 8 hours, while each of those that empty the tank can empty it in 6 hours. If all the pipes are kept open when the tank is full, it will take exactly 6 hours for the tank to empty. How many of these are fill pipes?

In a class of 120 students numbered 1 to 120, all even numbered students opt for Physics, whose numbers are divisible by 5 opt for Chemistry and those whose numbers are divisible by 7 opt for Math. How many opt for none of the three subjects?

A man and a woman 81 miles apart from each other, start travelling towards each other at the same time. If the man covers 5 miles per hour to the women's 4 miles per hour, how far will the woman have travelled when they meet?

By walking at 3/4th of his usual speed, a man reaches office 20 minutes later than usual. What is his usual time?

Badri has 9 pairs of dark Blue socks and 9 pairs of Black socks. He keeps them all in a same bag. If he picks out three socks at random what is the probability he will get a matching pair?

A college has 10 basketball players. A 5-member team and a captain will be selected out of these 10 players. How many different selections can be made?

A clock loses 1% time during the first week and then gains 2% time during the next one week. If the clock was set right at 12 noon on a Sunday, what will be the time that the clock will show exactly 14 days from the time it was set right?

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