PMP Certification Sample Test

George is a project manager at MindPower working with a software firm. The firm has two packages at the beta testing stage. They want advice on which package to launch first. George has got a set of project selection criteria from the client. His next step will be to:
Do a feasibility study.
Use a scoring model to choose the best option.
Document the project selection criteria in the Charter.
Use cash flow analysis method to choose the best option
MedCare Systems is putting together a new health care package for retirement homes. Shelley has conducted a feasibility study, a risk analysis, and documented project constraints and assumptions. What is the next step before she finalizes the Project Charter?
Stakeholder analysis
Create the Project Scope Statement
Prepare the Milestone schedule
Benefit measurement
Larry is documenting a Project Charter for a project to design and develop a new video game. He is looking for information on the client organization's existing production facilities. This type of data can be classified as:
Organizational assumptions
Organizational constraints
Enterprise Environment Factors
Organizational Process Assets
Which of the following is not an input while developing the Preliminary Project Scope Statement?
Project charter
Historical information
Customer organizational structure
While documenting the Project Charter, Ann feels that the information on customer and stakeholder needs and expectations is incomplete. What skills does she need to gather this information?
Brainstorming and interviews
Email and video conferencing
Conflict resolution
The document that defines the project management processes to be used, the inputs, outputs and tools and techniques to be used, and the project life-cycle for a project is called:
Preliminary Scope Statement
Project Management Plan
Process Improvement Plan
The procedures that control changes to product characteristics are documented in the:
Change Control System
Configuration Management System
Integrated Change Control
Project Management Plan
The primary significance of the Project Management Plan is:
It is the input to the Project Execution Process.
It is the output of the entire Planning phase.
It is a document that can be updated and revised throughout the project.
It details how work will be executed to accomplish project objectives.
Sarah is the project manager managing a project to design, develop and test a new software package for her firm. She is in the development phase of her project and she has just finished documenting her Project Management Plan. Which of the following is not a part of the Plan?
Project selection criteria
Risk register
Quality baseline.
Milestone list.
Which of the following is not covered under the Planning processes of a project?
Management reviews to address pending issues.
Selection of project management processes.
Techniques for stakeholder communication.
Obtaining quotations or bids from vendors.
A large US-based multinational has approached your company to run the clinical test trials for its new drug. You have put together a team of researchers, scientists and laboratory technicians for the project and have briefed them in detail about the project. You have also told them that the clients have set a very stiff deadline. The problem is that one team member is always late and the rest of the team has complained to you. What action should you take?
Communicate with the team member on this and discuss with him his reasons for coming late and ask him to refrain from coming in late.
Report this issue by writing it in the issue log and escalate it.
Report the matter to the functional head the team member reports to.
Ask one of the other team members to discuss it with him and warn him against consequences.
You work in a call centre that has a large number of women employees. You find that two male team members who are extremely talented and popular within the office enjoy telling risqué jokes, especially in front of their female counterparts. Also they pick up every opportunity possible to embarrass women in front of the rest of the office. You have been requested by the women to look into this matter. What type of power would you will have to use to resolve the issue with the male members who are critical to the project?
Referent .
You are a project manager with an advertising agency. You are working with a team of copy writers, artists and client service personnel to relaunch a flagging shampoo brand. The team has done similar projects earlier. The project is on in full swing and you have to decide who will be awarded a prize for the top performer of the week?
Jack, for staying back in office and working overtime three nights in a row.
Jill, for compromising on the family front and putting in extra effort during weekends.
John, for completing his work and submitting status reports on time, five times in the week.
Jane, for finishing the work on time this week after being late the last two weeks.
An entertainment company is developing a cache of games for mobile telephony. This is its first foray into the mobile gaming segment and it has assigned you as manager of this project. You are currently preparing the project plan and have identified that you need two gaming content specialists to work on the project. Which of the following statements is not true about acquiring project team?
Product specific knowledge is necessary for preparing the scope statement.
The project manager can hire specialists and consultants from outside the organization.
The skills and expertise required on the project is identified while doing activity resource estimation process.
Resource leveling is a technique used in Schedule Development.
Your company has asked you to manage the designing and production of a new generation of copier machines. The project is now two months old and you wish to assess the project performance to date, as well as forecast the future outlook based on past performance. To do this, you need to calculate:
Your company has asked you to manage the designing and production of a new generation of copier machines. The project is now two months old and you wish to assess the project performance to date, as well as forecast the future outlook based on past performance. To do this, you need to calculate:
On a project, the following figures are valid. EV = 120, PV = 140, AC = 110, BAC = 200, ETC = 110. Which of the following statements is not true?
VAC = 20.
The project is over budget.
The project is behind schedule.
The calculation of ETC called for a fresh estimate.
You are using forecasting to calculate a new ETC. Which is the technique being used and as a part of which process?
Bottom-up estimating; Cost Estimating.
Performance measurement analysis; Cost Control.
Forecasting; Monitor and Control Project Work.
Variance analysis; Schedule Control.
You were asked to deliver 100,000 steel grey door handles for a company manufacturing small cars. A few months into the project, you find that you are expected to deliver 50,000 steel grey door handles and another 50,000 metallic blue door handles. You realize that a scope change has occurred. What tool and technique will you use to track the change?
Requested Changes
Scope baseline.
Scope Change Control System.
Approved change requests and approved corrective actions are an output of which of the following processes?
Performance Control.
Quality Control.
Manage Stakeholders.
Risk Monitoring and Control.
Your company is executing a project in Africa where the government is one of the stakeholders. As project manager you have been told that the project has two important constraints - time and environment. You have to keep to the deadline and at the same time must ensure that the environment is protected. In the course of the project, a few of the stakeholders ask for several changes that you validate through the change management processes. However, you discover that some of the changes could increase the toxicity of one of the gases being released into the atmosphere. If you delay incorporating the changes, you will delay the project and the client asks you to move ahead regardless of the consequences. What must you do?
Carry out the validated changes.
Get the changes revalidated after highlighting the environmental impact.
Inform all stakeholders about the environmental impact and refuse to incorporate the changes.
None of the above.
An European glassmaker has instituted an internal committee to keep track of its various projects and clients. The committee also asks project mangers to spend two days a year, teaching, in glass design institutes across the world. The managers lecture and assess students on the commercial and industrial applications of glass. What are the project managers being asked to demonstrate through this task?
Transferring knowledge.
Effective communication
Motivating teams
All of the above
Amanda works for an AIDS research and funding agency. She has been asked to manage a project to rehabilitate children affected by AIDS. Her agency is monitoring the allocation and funds for this project for the government of South Africa. A colleague tells her that he would like her help in drawing up a plan for a not-for-profit organization working with AIDS in Asia. Amanda refuses saying that this is beyond the scope of her current assignment. Her colleague argues that according to the project management guidelines, this request is valid and within her scope as project manager. Is his argument valid?
No. Because there could be a conflict of interest between the governments of Africa and Asia and the agencies monitoring the projects.
Yes. Because the projects have a lot in common and it would be noble to share relevant knowledge.
Yes. Because the project manager’s professional and social responsibility code asks managers to share knowledge.
No. Because this has not been included in the project charter and hence is not part of the project.
Close to the end of your previous project, you found that the cost estimates for two of your activities had been off the mark by at least 20-25 per cent. The cost estimation was wrongly done by one of your team members and since your knowledge of the same is not as strong, it escaped your notice too. Since it was a cost plus project, the increase was absorbed by the client and you decide to keep quiet about it. Which of the following statements is correct?
The stakeholders and client have not been impacted in any way, hence it need not be documented.
The project has been closed on schedule and the client is satisfied, hence it need not be documented.
The project manager’s professional responsibility code is being violated, hence it needs to be documented.
The project’s work performance information document has no record of this, hence it needs to be documented.
Sameer is project manager with a call center in India. He accidentally discovers that one of his team members has been sharing information about an ongoing project with a friend in another call center. Since the team member is new to the company, Sameer lets him off with a stern warning and tells him that he would be watching him closely. Should Sameer inform his seniors about this?
No. Because the member’s action has had no impact on the project.
No. Because he is in charge and has taken action to ensure that this not repeated.
Yes. Because he is responsible for the integrity of the project team.
Yes. Because the team member is new and must be made aware of the consequence of his actions.
Trevor & Associates has had a harrowing year. Several of its projects were terminated mid way and some of its project managers left without closing their projects. This affected the project documentation process and the auditors pulled up the company for incomplete records The company decides to set up a training program on project report writing to ensure that the same is not repeated this year too. Which of the following statements should be part of the scope of the training program?
Provide knowledge of archiving processes, documentation methods and impart analytical skills.
Provide knowledge of organization structure and statutory requirements and impart communication skills.
Provide knowledge of organization structure, project scope and deliverables and impart communication skills.
Provide knowledge of archiving processes and impart coordinating and motivating skills.
Sparta Inc, an audio products company, has built itself a new office building in Tokyo. The project was a long drawn one and toward the end, the project manager realized that it would have been better if Sparta had retained full control of the project instead of outsourcing large elements to vendors. He puts this down in the project report and he wants to make sure this learning is available for all future internal construction projects. What skills must he possess to ensure this?
Analytical and documentation.
Negotiation and communication.
Communication and documentation.
Communication and facilitating.
A confectionary owner has tied up with a large hotel group that has properties in India, Singapore and China to set up a chain of retail outlets. The first outlet has been launched successfully at the China property with the CEO of the hotel personally expressing his satisfaction with the project. The project manager has a few weeks before he sets out on the next project and he decides to take the time to document the success in detail in the project report. His boss tells him that this task can wait because there were no problems with the project and that he should instead start work on the next store. Do you agree with the boss?
Yes. Because it is important to capitalize on the success of the first outlet by setting up the second one.
No. It is important to measure customer satisfaction and capture customer feedback at the end of a project.
Yes. Customer satisfaction should be measured at the end of all the projects done with the client.
No. The lessons learned on this project are not going to have any bearing on the next one.
Aerotrax has supplied the air-conditioning systems for a large petrochemical plant in Germany. The petrochemical company has said it is not too pleased with Aerotrax performance and it has listed out several parameters that were not met during the project. Although the contract has been closed and all payments done, Aerotrax asks its project manager to record the customer feedback in detail. What skills would he need to do that?
Negotiation, conflict resolution and communication.
Conflict resolution, interviewing and communication.
Negotiation, documentation and interviewing.
Interviewing, communication and relationship building.
You have closed a project that involved working with an intricate web of buyers and customers and their respective contracts. At the end of the project, you realize that it would be impossible to detail everything in the project report but you do want the report to reflect a few key lessons learned during the project such as the importance of vendor selection in a project such as this one, the need to build long term relationships with customers, and such others. What skills must you possess to do that?
Relationship building, communication and negotiation.
Risk management, communication and presentation.
Communication, statistical sampling and interviewing.
Negotiation, risk management and interviewing.


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q20 approved change req are always output of integrated change control not manage stakeholder.

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CPI=EV/AC=120/110=1.09 which means it is under the budget.
So answer B seems to be wrong

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Question number 15. Shouldn't EAC be taken into account for forecast.
I felt D is the answer and not B.
Can you explain why is it B.

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Question 2 - Medcare Systems is putting together a new health care package for

retirement homes. Shelley has conducted a feasibility study, a risk analysis,

and documented project constraints and assumptions. What is the next step

before she finalizes the project charter.
Answer - Test review says answer is Stakeholders AnaSee more

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TechNet Consultancy

most of answers are wrong.

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general awareness question

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