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In Dr Alvarado’s talk on the features of the Out of Body experience, after discussing features of the experiences that are well known both to experiencers and to researchers, he made a list of four things that are not well-researched. Which of the following was NOT one of the areas that is under-researched:
meaning of the features to the experiencers
factors that affect the features
the features of OBEs while near death
possible clusters of features reported
varieties of less common features

In Dr Nelson’s lecture on the Global Consciousness Project he reviewed a large number of experiments and experimenters, analyses and theoretical thinking surrounding the results of the GCP network over the years in which it has been in operation. Which of the following is the best representation of the factors that are most important to the production of effects in the network?
a proper level of internet bandwidth available to the REGs on the network
the amount of belief in the idea of the noosphere among the experimenters
using the most modern and most compact REGs to gather data
events that inspire millions of people around the planet to indifference
events that inspire millions of people to a shared focus with powerful emotion

Dr. Marwaha reviewed the details of Samkya Yoga and talked about how the siddhis might be related to psychic functioning. As she moved through her presentation she noted that there were a number of theories in parapsychology that belong to the physics domain. Which of the following theories she mentioned does NOT belong to the physics domain but rather to the neuroscientific domain?
Dr. Carr’s “Hyperdimensionality” theory
Dr. Bierman’s “Consciousness Induced Restoration of Time Symmetry” theory
Dr. Marwaha's and Dr. May’s Multiphasic Model of Precognition”
Drs. Bierman's, Walker's and Stapp’s formulations of the “Observational Theories”
Dr. Shoup’s “Physics without Causality” Theory

Dr. Rabeyron reviewed the history of precognition research and the experimental results that provided support for the notion that individuals could somehow access information about events that would occur or objects that would be presented in the future. In presentiment studies which of the following is NOT mentioned as important to presentiment research?
obtaining a physiological response prior to the presentation of some stimlus
acknowledging the unconscious nature of psi functioning by measuring autonomic responses such as pupil dilation or skin conductance
presenting target images that were chosen from the highly regarded Smithsonian’s Human Images Collection
structuring experiments very similarly to well-known experiments but with the sequence of tasks time-reversed
making sure that all participants were aware of the purpose of the experiments

Dr Radin’s talk focused on a variety of important topics from the Western understanding of Yoga, to the results of laboratory experiments on the basic phenomena of psychic functioning. At one point he talked about the experiences on the noetic spectrum. He noted a curious relationship between these experiences and scientific acceptance of their reality. Which of the following sentences describes this relationship best.
Psychic functioning is well understood in the laboratory and well understood by the general public as well.
Because the psychic phenomena we study today were well understood in the ancient Yoga traditions in India, modern Western science dismisses them as fantasy.
The more profound and rare experiences that seem well beyond the reach of science are well accepted while the common and mundance experiences easily studied by science are highly controversial.
Results from remote viewing and ganzfeld experiments, simply because they have such strong statistical evidence for the psychic phenomena under study are rejected outright by skeptics, materialists and many scientists.
Psychic functioning has been found in many laboratories but scientists believe the results are fraudulent.

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