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In Dr. Dalton’s research which of these attributes or behaviors were NOT listed as indicative of a creative personality?
Attention to detail
Tolerance for the unrealistic
Openness to new experience
More in touch with own experience

Dr. Zingrone’s description of the main locations for research in modern parapsychology did NOT include which of the following countries:

Dr. Maraldi included which of the following methodologies in the research he outlined in his live class:
Administration of surveys and questionnaires
Participant Observation
Qualitative analysis of interviews
All of the methods mentioned
None of the methods mentioned

Which of the following psychological states, traits or characteristics was identified by Dr. Maraldi as being related to paranormal beliefs?
Musical ability
Academic talent

In the Ganzfeld research that Dr Dalton reviewed which sender/receiver pairing had the best results:
Male friends
Female friends
Biologically-related pairs
Laboratory assistants and musicians
Co-workers from a good work envirnoment

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which answer was wrong pl tell

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