Chemistry Test Acid Bases

Among the following acids, the weakest one is ____.
The compound HCl behaves as …. in the reaction,  ____.
weak base
weak acid
strong base
strong acid
The conjugate base of a strong acid is a ____.
strong base
strong acid
weak acid
weak base
Which among the following is strongest acid?
In the reaction ?, water is ____.
a weak base
a weak acid
Both a weak acid and a weak base
Neither an acid nor a base
In the reaction ? ____.
According to Lewis concept, an acid is a substance which ____.
accepts protons
donates protons
accepts a lone pair of electrons
donates a lone pair of electrons
Water is a ____.
amphoteric acid
aprotic solvent
protophobic solvent
None of the above
Which of the following species is an acid and also a conjugate base of another acid?
Which of the following is Lewis acid?
According to Bronsted-Lowry concept, base is a substance which is ____.
a proton donor
an electron pair acceptor
a proton acceptor
an electron pair donor
Which of the following is known as hydronium ion?
An aqueous solution of Aluminium sulphate would show ____.
an acidic reaction
a neutral reaction
a basic reaction
Both acidic and basic reaction
The aqueous solution of Aluminium chloride is acidic due to ____.
cation hydrolysis
anion hydrolysis
hydrolysis of both anion and cation
 is the conjugate base of ____.
An acid is a compound which furnishes (Bronsted-Lowry concept)____.
an electron
a proton
an electron and a proton
None of the above
The conjugate base of Sulphuric acid is ____.
Sodium hydroxide
Hydrochloric acid
Bisulphate ion
Barium hydroxide
Which is strongest Lewis base?
According to Bronsted principle, an aqueous solution of  will contain ____.

This is a Chemistry test for the preparation of AIEEE and IIT JEE exams focusing on Acid and Bases.



nice test,mix of hard and tough ques

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sushmi prabakaran

this test improve our brain useage

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