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True or False: If you forget to read the du`aa al-istiftaah in the salaah, then your salaah is nullified and you have to repeat your salaah.

According to this dua, we are seeking protection from how many things: ?????????? ??????? ???????? ???? ????? ??????? ??????????? ??????? ??????? ?????????? ??????? ????????? ??????????? ?????????????? ??????? ?????? ????????? ?????????? ???????????

What kind of sentence is this:?????? ???????? ?????? ???????????
??????????? ???????????
??????????? ??????????????
None of the above

Select the best answer to this question:??? ???????? ???????? ??? ??????????
????? ????????? ?????????? ???????????
???? ??????? ????
????? ??????? ????????: ??????????, ?????????? , ???????????
?????? ???????? ???

Select the best answer to this question:?? ??? ???????
??? , ?????????? ???????????
??? ???????? ??????
???????? ??????? ????????? ??? ????????
???????? ??? ????????

When is Du`aa Al-Istiftaah (???? ?????????) said?Select one:
Before the opening takbeer.
Before At-tasleem
After the opening takbeer
After at-ta`wwudh

True or False: If someone leaves off the Du’aas of the final tashahhud, he has to do two prostrations for forgetfulness to correct it.

According to the du’aa mentioned in class, the Prophet Sallallaahu `alayhi wa salaam advised us to seek refuge from certain things in the final tashahhud; from them are: (choose all that apply)Select one or more:
being humiliated by men
trials of life and death
torment of the fire
the punishment of the grave
the trials of the maseehad-dajjal
disbelief and poverty

True or False: The following sentence is an example of ??????????? ??????????????:??????? ?????? ?????? ????????????.Select one:

Choose the correct statement(s) regarding ??????? : [Select all that apply]Select one or more:
A tanween on the last letter is a sign of definiteness.
They can only be singular or plural.
They can take three different cases.
They are either masculine, feminine, or neutral.

Choose the correct statement(s) regarding ????????????? : [Choose all that apply]Select one or more:
It is never the first word of a sentence.
In English it is called “the predicate”.
It is always ?? ???? ????? / ????? (marfoo`/fee haalatir-raf`).
It can be a verb or a noun.

What is the plural of ????? ?Select one:

Sooratul Masad was revealed
In Madinah
After the death of the prophet’s wife Khadeejah
In Makkah
None of the Above

Sooratul Masad was revealed
About Quraish
Due to Aboo Jahal
About the kufaar in general
All of the above

Choose the correct response in relation to Umm JamaalSelect one or more:
She was `Arwah bint Harb
She was the sister of Aboo Sufiyaan
She was the wife of Aboo Jahal
She accepted Islaam before she died
None of the above

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Aynur Abdurazik

About question number 2: should we count the trials of life and death as two or one? I thought there are two things we are seeking protection from: 1) trials of life, and 2) trials of death. So i thought in total there are five things we seek protection from in the dua that we say after the final tashahhud.

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