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Cash Deposited into SBI
DR Cash CR Bank
DR Bank CR Cash
DR Cash CR Debtor
DR DebtorCR Cash

Fixed Deposit Receipt Deposited into Bank against SBI Cheque 237987
Dr SBICr Cash
Dr SBICr Fixed Deposit
Dr Fixed DepositCr Cash
Dr Fixed DepositCr SBI

Received Cash from Ashok kumar against bill no 98
Dr Ashok kumarCr Cash
Dr CashCr Ashok kumar
Dr Ashok kumarCr SBI
Dr BankCr Ashok kumar

Paid to B by SBI Cheque 297003 & Received discount
Dr BCr SBICr Discount Received
Dr SBICr CashCr Discount Received
Dr Discount PaidCr SBICr B
Dr BCr SBICr Discount Paid

Received from C by Draft and deposited into SBI a/c
Dr Bank a/cCr Draft
Dr SBI A/cCr C
Dr SBI A/cCr C

Purchased Furniture for cash from M/s Bharat Furniture vide bill no: 9860
Dr CashCr Furniture
Dr Purchase a/cCr Cash
Dr FurnitureCr Cash
Dr Purchase a/cCr Bharat furniture

Credit Sales to M/s Harish Kumar vide Bill no.12
Dr Harish Kumar a/cCr Credit Sales
Dr Cash a/cCr Credit Sales
Dr Harish Kumar a/cCr Credit Sales
Dr Credit Sales a/cCr Harish Kumar

Purchased a Maruti Car from Maruti Udhyog by SBI Cheque 297004
Dr Maruti Car a/cCr Cash
Dr Maruti Car a/cCr SBI
Dr SBI a/cCr Maruti Car
Dr Maruti Car a/cCr SBI

Paid to D by SBI Cheque 297005 against bill no 675
Dr Cash A/cCr SBI
Dr SBI a/cCr D
Dr D a/cCr SBI
Dr SBI A/c Cr Cash

Withdraw cash from PNB A/c for personal use.
Dr Drawing a/cCr Cash
Dr Cash A/cCr PNB
Dr PNB a/cCr Drawing
Dr Drawing a/cCr PNB

Withdraw from SBI A/C for office use vide cheque 297006
Dr Cash a/cCr PNB
Dr PNB a/cCr Office Exp
Dr Office Expenses a/cCr PNB
Dr PNB a/cCr Cash

Purchased Laptop for Credit from M/s Dabar & Co.
Dr Laptop a/cCr Cash
Dr Cash A/cCr M/s Dabar & Co
Dr Laptop a/cCr M/s Dabar & Co
Dr M/s Dabar & Co a/cCr Laptop

Paid Salary to Mr Harish vide SBI Ch 987654
Dr Salary A/cCr SBI
Dr Salary A/cCr Mr Harish
Dr SBI A/cCr Harish
Dr Salary A/cCr Cash

Discounted a Cheque of Mr Dinesh kumar and Deposited into PNB Current a/c 987
Dr SBI A/cDr Bank Charges A/cCr Mr Dinesh Kumar
Dr Bank Charges A/cDr SBI A/cCr Mr Dinesh Kumar
Dr SBI A/cDr Dinesh KumarCr Cash
Dr Cash A/cDr SBI A/cCr Mr Dinesh Kumar

Received from Amar singh a Cheque of Rs 1250/-deposited into PNB, but next day return by the PNB due to the reason " Refer to Drawer"
Dr SBI A/cCr Amar singh Dr Amar singhCr SBI
Dr Amar singh A/cCr CashDr Cash A/cCr Amar Singh
Dr Amar singh A/cCr SBIDr SBI A/cCr Amar Singh
Dr SBI A/cCr Cash Dr Amar singhCr SBI

Received a PNB Cheque from Sohan Lal & Endorsed soan lal cheque the same in favour of Mohan Lal
Dr Mohan Lal A/c Cr Sohan Lal
Dr Mohan Lal A/c Cr Sohan Lal
Dr Mohan Lal A/c Cr CashDr Sohan Lal A/c Cr Cash
Dr Cash A/c Cr Mohan LalDr Cash A/c Cr Sohan Lal

Paid a SBI Cheque 987432 to Ram Saran for Cash purchase of Furniture for Office use
Dr Furniture A/cCr Cash
Dr Furniture A/cCr SBI
Dr Cash Purchase A/cCr SBI
Dr Cash A/c Cr Furniture

Goods Sold return by the Debtor
Dr Return Inward A/cCr Debtor
Dr Debtor A/cCr Return Inward
Dr Sales A/cCr Debtor
Dr Debtor A/cCr Sales

Goods brought from Mr H Singh returned
Dr Return Outward A/cCr Mr H Singh
Dr Mr H Singh A/cCr Return Outward
Dr Return Inward A/cCr Mr H Singh
Dr Mr H Singh A/cCr Return Inward

Trade discount received from Mr Ashok Trade discount paid to Mr Mahesh
Dr Ashok A/cCr Discount Received Dr Discount Paid A/cCr Mahesh
Dr Discount PaidCr Ashok Dr Discount Received A/cCr Mahesh
Dr Ashok A/cCr Discount Received Dr Discount Paid A/cCr Mahesh
Dr Discount Received A/cCr Mahesh Dr Discount Paid A/cCr Ashok

Dr Return Inward A/c Cr Purchase

Dr Party A/cCr Return Outward

Dr Purchase A/c Cr Bank

Dr Purchase a/cCr Return OutwardCr Supplier

Dr Mahesh A/cCr Credit SalesCr Return Inward

Dr Dinesh A/c Dr Bank Charges A/c Cr SBI

Dr Drawing A/cCr SBI

Dr Party A/cCr Purchase

Dr PNB A/c Cr Sales

Dr Cash A/c Cr Dividend

Dr Party A/c Dr Inward A/cCr Sales

Dr SBI A/c Cr Bank ChargesCr Mahesh

Dr SBI A/cCr FDCr Interest

DrFixed Deposit A/cCr PNB Dr PNB A/cCr Fixed Deposit

Dr Car Loan A/cCr Cash Credit

Dr Fixed Assets A/cCr Depreciation

Dr Saving Bank A/cCr Fixed DepositDr Fixed Deposit A/cCr PNB CA

Dr SBI A/CCr Cash

Dr Fixed Deposit A/CCr PNB OD Dr Car Cr PNB OD

Dr Manish Cr Purchase Cr Return Outward

Outstanding Wages comes under the head
Current Assets
Current Liabillity
Direct Expenses
Indirect Expenses

Patent & Trade Mark comes under the head
Fixed Assets
Direct Expenses
Indirect Expenses
Trading a/c

Pre-paid salary comes under the head
Expenses indirect
Indirect income
Current Assets
Current Liability

Return inwards always Minus from ...
Sales outwards
Return outwards

Return Outwards always Minus from ....
Indirect Expenses
Return Inwards

Fixed Deposit Receipts comes under the head..
Fixed Assets
Current Liability
Income Indirect

Interest on Fixed Deposit is always comes under ..
Indirect Expense
Fixed Assets
Indirect Income
Bank Deposit

Interest on Bank OD comes under the head..
Expenses Indirect
Income Indirect
Bank deposit

Cash in Hand always comes under
Current Liability
Current Assets

Bank overdraft comes under the head...
Current Assets
Current Liability

A- Dr Discount Paid to Debtors Cr Sundry DebtorsB- Dr Sundry Debtors A/c Cr Discount Paid to Debtors
(A ) True
(B) True

A- Dr Sundry Creditors Cr Discount ReceivedB- Dr Discount Received Cr Sundry Creditors
A -true
B- True

A- Dr Prepaid Expenses a/c Cr Expenses B- Dr Expenses a/c Cr Prepaid Expenses
B -True A- False
A- True B- False

A- Dr Outstanding Salary a/c Cr SalaryB- Dr Salary a/c Cr Outstanding Salary
A- True B-False
A- False B-True

A- Dr Interest Received a/c Cr Saving Bank B- Dr Saving Bank a/c Cr Interest Received
A -False B-True
A- True B-False

A- Dr Interest on FDR Cr FDR B- Dr FDR Cr Interest on FDR
A- False B-True
A-True B -False

A- Dr Interest Received on additional capital a/c Cr Additional Capital B- Dr Additional capital a/c Cr Interest Received on additional capital a/c C- Dr Interest Paid on Capital A/c Cr Additional Capital
A-True B-False C-False
A-False B-False C-True
A-False B-True C-True

A Dr Interest Paid on Bank OD Cr Bank OD B Dr Bank OD Cr Interest Paid on Bank ODB Dr Bank Received from Bank OD Cr Bank OD
A- True B- False C-False
A- False B- False C-True
A- False B- True C-False

A- Dr Furniture a/c Cr Depreciation on FurnitureB- Dr Depreciation on Furniture a/c Cr FurnitureC- Dr Depreciation on furniture a/c Cr Cash
A True B-False c-False
A- False B -True C- False
A- False B -False C- True

A- Dr Loss of Furniture due to fire a/c Cr Furniture B- Dr Furniture a/c Cr Loss of Furniture due to fireC- Dr Loss of Furniture due to fire a/c Cr Cash /Bank
A- False B-False C-True
A- False B-True C-False
A- True B-False C-False

A- Out put Tax - Input Tax = Vat Payable B- Input Tax -Out put tax =Vat Payable
A-True B-False
A-False B-True

A- Output Tax is calculated on Sales Input Tax is calculated on purchase B- Output Tax is calculated on Purchase Input Tax is calculated on Sales
A-False B-True
A-True B-False

A-Out tax is covered under Duties and Taxes Input Tax is Covered under Duties & Taxes B-Out tax is covered under Expenses indirect Input Tax is Covered under Expenses indirect
A- True B -False
A- False B -True

A-VAT Means -Value Added TaxB-VAT Means -Value additional TaxC-VAT Means -Duties and Taxes
A -True B-False C-False
A -False B-True C-False

Purchase from ABC & CORefined Ghee : 10 Kg @ 50/-per kg Vat Rate : 4% Mustard Oil : 10 Kg @ 80/-per kg Vat Rate: 12.5%Sale to KBC & CoRefined Ghee : 12 kg @55 per kg Vat Rate :4%Mustard Oil : 14 Kg @85 per kg Vat Rate:12.5%(at a Discount of 2%) Calculate Vat PAYABLE
Rs 52.75
Rs 51.65
Rs 61.50
Rs 55.50

A-Dr Purchase @ 4 % Dr Input Vat @4% Cr Party B-Dr Party a/c Dr Input Vat @4% Cr Purchase @ 4 %B-Dr Input Vat @4% Dr Party a/c Cr Purchase @ 4 %
A-False B-False C-True
A-True B-False C-False
A-False B-True C-False

A-Duties and Taxes covered under -Indirect ExpensesB-Duties & Taxes covered under -Current LiabilitiesC-Duties & Taxes covered under -Current Assets
B: True
C: true

A-Dr Party a/c Cr Sales 4% Cr Output Tax 4% B-Dr Sales 4% Cr Party Cr Output Tax 4% C-Dr Output tax 4% Cr Party Cr Sales 4%
A- True B-False C-False
B-True A-False C-False
C-True A-False B-False

Function Keys in Tally Erp 9A- Sales < F9> Purchase < F4> Contra < F5> Payments < F6> Receipts B- Purchase < F9> Sale < F4> Contra < F5> Receipts < F6> Payment
A-True B-False
A-False B-True

Adjustment Voucher in Vat payableA-Dr Vat Payable (Output vat -Input vat) Cr Bank A-Dr Vat Payable (Input vat -output vat) Cr Bank
A-True B-False
A-False B-True

TDS Calculations :Gupta Associates a Chartered accountant Firm took a Audit work in the financial Year 2014 from M/s Birla Cement Ltd as per Details below: Professional Service Charges Rs 35000/- Pass the necessary TDS journal Entries.A- Dr Gupta Associate CA Firm a/c Cr Professional Fees Cr Tds payableB- Dr Professional Fees a/c Cr Gupta Associate CA Firm a/c Cr Tds Payblec- Dr Professional Fees a/c Dr Tds Payable Cr Gupta Associate CA Firm a/c
A- True B-False c-False
A- False B-False c-True
A- False B-True c-False

A-TDS Payble covered under Duties and Taxes B-TDS Payble covered under Expenses a/cc-TDS Payble covered under Current Assets
A-False B-False C-True
A-True B-False C-False
A-False B-True C-False

A- Audit Fees will be covered under -Expenses a/cB-Audit Fees will be covered under- Income a/cc-Audit Fees will be covered under -Duties & Taxes
A-False b-False C-True
A-True b-False C-False

In the above question M/s Gupta Associate CA firm will be covered under the group A- Sundry DebtorB- Sundry Creditor
A- True B-False
A- False B-True

TDS VOUCHER JOURNAL ENTRY A-Dr TDS Payable Payment Cr BankB-Dr Gupta Associates a/c Payment Cr BankC-Dr Bank a/c Cr TDS Payable < F6> Receipt
A-True B- False c-False
A-False B- True c-False
A-False B- False c-True

Service Tax Mr Johra Tour Travels Delhi, raised an invoice no 6754 of Rs 20,000/- as Ticketing Charges from Delhi tom pune from Gagandeep singh Ranotra as service charges as per chart below as Rs 2060 /-(Total: Rs 22,060/-) for his ticketing from Delhi to pune. Pass the necessary Journal Entries --------------------------------------------------------------------------Tour Travel service charges : 20,000/-Service Tax @ 10% : 2000/-Edu. cess @2% : 40/-Higher Edu. Cess@1% : 20/-Total Amount : 22060/-
A- Dr Gagandeep singh 22,060 Cr Tour ravel Service Charges 20,000 Cr Service Tax 10% 2000 Cr Edu. Cess 1% 40 Cr Higher Edu. Cess 1% 20 B- Dr Tour Travel Service charges 22,060 Cr Gagandeep Singh 20,000 Cr Service Tax 10% 2000 Cr Edu. Cess 1% 40 Cr Higher Edu. Cess 1% 20
A- False B-True
A- True B-False

A-Mr Gagandeep Singh is Sundry Debtor B-Mr Gagandeep singh is Sundry Creditor
A-True B-False
A-False B-True

Bank Reconcilliation statement Balance as per cash book : 1164001-The following cheques were not presented for payment till 31 March Rs 11250/- Rs 1870/- Rs 1350/-2-The following cheques were deposited into bank but not yet collected till 31 March Rs 11500/- Rs 1850/-3-The bank charges Rs 180/- for commission and interest received is 1170/- Calculate the balance as per pass book
Rs 118250
Rs 118510
Rs 120675
Rs 175234

Cash Book & B ank Ledger Opening Balances : PNB OD -25250/- Cash In hand : 21750/-1-Paid interest by cheque - Rs 9,100/-2-Cash Sales - Rs 8,750/-3-Sold goods to Manisha - Rs 20,000/-4-Telephone Expenses - Rs 10880/-5-Received Cheque from Mr Rahim - Rs 15,500/-6-Stationery expenses in cash - Rs 350/-7-Payment by cheque to Meedo Hotel: Rs 4,800/-8-Salary paid by cheque to Mr Balbir : Rs 10,500/-9-Withdraw from PNB for Office use : Rs 6,000/-10-Electricity Expenses in cash : Rs 6,450/-Calculate the Cash in Hand & PNB Balance in hand
Cash in Hand : 28,860/- Cash at Bank : 45235/-
Cash in Hand : 18,820/- Cash at Bank : 40150/-
Cash in Hand : 12,820/- Cash at Bank : 38150/-
Cash in Hand : 17,820/- Cash at Bank : 42150/-

Cash in Hand : 8000/-Opened a PNB A/C & deposit office cash : Rs 3750/-Purchase office furniture by Cheque : Rs 250/-Purchase office stationery : Rs 150/-Cash purchase : Rs 2000/- cash Received from Amar singh : Rs 500/-Cheque received from Amar singh : Rs 1250/-Cash Sales : Rs 450/-Amar Singh Cheque Returned dishonoured by the PNB (Refer to drawer) : Rs 1250/-Cash Purchase : Rs 500/-Purchase by Cheque : Rs 450/-Withdraw cash from PNB for Personal use: Rs 100/-Sold goods for cash & deposited into PNB : Rs 1200Paid office Rent :Rs 600/-Paid Salary to staff : Rs 1000/-
Cash in Hand: 5250.00 PNB Balance : 4850.00
Cash in Hand: 2750.00 PNB Balance : 4150.00
Cash in Hand: 12500.00 PNB Balance : 14700.00
Cash in Hand: 7500.00 PNB Balance : 4700.00

Prepare the Trial BalanceNames of the Ledger AmountOpening stock 1655Cash in Hand 45PNB Dr 5000Reserve Fund 1100Purchase 6090Carriage on purchase 80Purchase Return 120Discount on purchase 40Sales 10260Sales Return 240Carriage on goods sold 185Discount on sales 75Capital 15000Import duty 120Export duty 50Debtors 4065Creditors 1250Machinery 5900Salary 2100wages 1070B/R 1500B/P 800Interest on FD 380commission on sales 150Discount on Debtors 625Closing Stock 1360-------------------------------------------------

Prepare the Trial Balance ,Profit &amp; Loss a/c and Balance sheet as on 31 March 2014 of M/s Lalita Export House ----------------------------------------- Dr CrCapital 10000Cash in hand 1500Bank OD 2000Purchase &amp; Sales 12000 15000Returns 1000 2000Salaries 2200Taxes &amp; Insurance 500Bad Debts &amp; BD Reserve 500 700Debtors &amp; Creditors 5000 2000Commission 500FDR 4000Opening Stock 3000Drawing 1400Furniture 600B/R &amp; B/P 3000 2500------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 34700 34700-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Adjustment Entries :1- Salaries Rs 100 and Taxes Rs 200 are outstanding ,but insurance Rs 50 is prepaid 2-Commission Rs 100 received in advance for nest year 3-Interest on FDR is Rs 210 4-Interest on OD is Rs 300 to be paid .5-Bad debt reserve is to be maintainned Rs 10006-Depreciation on Furniture 10% 7- Closing Stock as on March 2014 : Rs 4500-----------------------------------------------------------------------Calculate Gross Profit, Net Profit /Loss , &amp; Balance sheet Note:5 Marks will be allotted for Correct answer Choice &amp; 5 Marks for correct answers in Tally ERP 9.0
Gross Profit : 6500 Net Profit 2500 Balance sheet total : 18800
Gross Profit : 5680 Net Profit : 7680 Balance sheet : 58760
Gross Profit : 15690 Net Profit : 5400 Balance sheet total : 150,750
Gross Profit : 5500, Net Profit : 2000, Balance Sheet total: 17800

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