XII_Physics_Electromagnetic Induction_7 Online Test

The north pole of a long horizontal bar magnet is being brought closer to a vertical conducting plane along the perpendicular direction. The direction of the induced current in the conducting plane is ____.
According to Lenz’s law
The magnetic flux linked with a circuit of resistance 100 ohm increases from 10 to 60 webers. The amount of induced charge that flows in the circuit is (in coulomb) ____.
G shows deflection to the left and right with constant amplitude
G shows deflection on one side
G shows no deflection.
G shows deflection to the left and right but the amplitude steadily decreases
If a copper ring is moved quickly towards south pole of a powerful stationary bar magnet, then ____.
Current flows through the copper ring
Voltage in the magnet increase
Current flows in the magnet
Copper ring will get magnetized
The diagram below shows two coils A and B placed parallel to each other at a very small distance. Coil A is connected to an ac supply. G is a very sensitive galvanometer. When the key is closed ____. 
Constant deflection is observed in the galvanometer for 50 Hz supply
Visible small variations is observed in the galvanometer for 50 Hz input
Oscillations in the galvanometer may be observed when the input ac voltage has a frequency of 1 to 2 Hz
No variation is observed in the galvanometer even when the input ac voltage is 1 or 2 Hz
An infinitely long cylinder is kept parallel to an uniform magnetic field B directed along positive z axis. The direction of induced current as seen from the z axis is ____.
Clockwise of the +ve z axis
Anticlockwise of the +ve z axis
Along the magnetic field
In electromagnetic induction, the induced e.m.f. in a coil is independent of ____.
Change in the flux
Resistance of the circuit
None of the above
Lenz's law is consequence of the law of conservation of ____.
A cylindrical bar magnet is kept along the axis of a circular coil. If the magnet is rotated about its axis, then ____.
A current is induced in a coil
No current is induced in a coil
Only an e.m.f. is induced in the coil
An e.m.f. and a current both is induced in the coil
A metallic ring is attached with the wall of a room. When the north pole of a magnet is brought near to it, the induced current in the ring is ____. 
First clockwise then anticlockwise
In clockwise direction
In anticlockwise direction
First anticlockwise then clockwise

This test consist of 10 questions.Students should ideally take 10 minutes to complete the test. This test is useful for those students who are preparing for IIT JEE, AIEEE or any other engineering entrance test. This test consist of questions from Electromagnetic Induction and which, in general, is focused in AIEEE and IIT JEE. In this chapter,magnetic flux faraday's law, lenz's law , eddy current , inductance , ac generator are key topic and mostly application based questions are asked.



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