XII_Physics_Electromagnetic Induction_3 Online Test

G shows deflection to the left and right with constant amplitude
G shows deflection on one side
G shows no deflection.
G shows deflection to the left and right but the amplitude steadily decreases
If a copper ring is moved quickly towards south pole of a powerful stationary bar magnet, then ____.
Current flows through the copper ring
Voltage in the magnet increase
Current flows in the magnet
Copper ring will get magnetized
An infinitely long cylinder is kept parallel to a uniform magnetic field B directed along positive z axis. The direction of induced current as seen from the z axis is ____.
Clockwise of the +ve z axis
Anticlockwise of the +ve z axis
Along the magnetic field
A rectangular coil ABCD is rotated anticlockwise with a uniform angular velocity about the axis shown in diagram below. The axis of rotation of the coil as well as the magnetic field B is horizontal. The induced e.m.f. in the coil would be maximum when ____. 
The plane of the coil is horizontal
The plane of the coil makes an angle of 45° with the magnetic field
The plane of the coil is at right angles to the magnetic field
The plane of the coil makes an angle of 30° with the magnetic field
An electric potential difference is induced between the ends of the conductor shown in the diagram, when the conductor moves in the direction ____. 
Two rails of a railway track insulated from each other and the ground are connected to a milli voltmeter. What is the reading of voltmeter, when a train travels with a speed of 180 km/hr along the track? Given that the vertical component of earth's magnetic field is  and the rails are separated by 1 metre?
1 volt
When a wire loop is rotated in a magnetic field, the direction of induced e.m.f. changes once in each ____.
1 revolution
2 revolution
A conducting wire is moving towards right in a magnetic field B. The direction of induced current in the wire is shown in the figure. The direction of magnetic field ____. 
In the plane of paper pointing towards right
In the plane of paper pointing towards left
Perpendicular to the plane of paper and downwards
Perpendicular to the plane of paper and upwards
The current carrying wire and the rod AB are in the same plane. The rod moves parallel to the wire with a velocity v. Which one of the following statements is true about induced emf in the rod ____. 
End A is at lower potential with respect to B
A and B is at the same potential
There is no induced e.m.f. in the rod
Potential at A is higher than that at B
The total charge induced in a conducting loop when it is moved in magnetic field depends on ____.
The rate of change of magnetic flux
Initial magnetic flux only
The total change in magnetic flux
Final magnetic flux only

This test consist of 10 questions.Students should ideally take 10 minutes to complete the test. This test is useful for those students who are preparing for IIT JEE, AIEEE or any other engineering entrance test. This test consist of questions from Electromagnetic Induction and which, in general, is focused in AIEEE and IIT JEE. In this chapter,magnetic flux faraday's law lenz's law eddy current inductance ac generatorare key topic and mostly application based questions are asked.

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