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You are currently performing the Conduct Procurements process. You are considering two bids from companies on your qualified sellers list. Your project is on a tight budget, and you have been instructed by senior management to consider the cost over any other criteria. You used the company that submitted the lower bid on a previous project, and you were not happy with their work. The company that submitted the higher bid has a reputation for treating their clients well, flying project managers first class, and giving them accommodations in five-star hotels. What is the BEST way to handle this situation?
Select the company with the lowest bid
Give the manager at the company with the higher bid information that will allow him to tailor his bid so that it better meets your needs
Rewrite the RFP so that the company with the lowest bid is excluded
Select the company with the higher bid

Which of the following shows roles and responsibilities on your project?
Bar chart
Resource histogram
RACI matrix
Human Resource Management Plan

A project manager is working in a country where it is customary to pay the police for private protection services, and those costs have increased the AC. This has affected his earned value calculations. When he reviews the budget with his company’s management, his supervisor tells him that in another country, those costs would be considered a bribe, and questions whether they should be added to the budget. What is the BEST way for the project manager to proceed?
Do not pay the police for private protection services, because that would be a bribe
Pay the police for private protection services, because it is customary in the country they are operating in
Consult the Cost Management Plan about payment
Initiate cost control to update the cost baseline

You are managing a software project. You are partway through the project, and your team has just delivered a preliminary version of part of the software. You are holding a weekly status meeting, when one of the team members points out that an important stakeholder is running into a problem with one of the features of the current software. The team member feels that there is a risk that the stakeholder will ask for a change in that feature, even though that change would be out of scope of the current release—and if the stakeholder requests that change, there is a high probability that the change control board would approve the change. What is the BEST action to take next?
Mitigate the risk by asking a team member to get familiar with the feature of the software that might be changed
Schedule a meeting with the stakeholder to discuss the risk
Add the risk to the risk register and gather information about its probability and impact
Add the risk to the issue log and revisit it when there is more information

You are the project manager for a software development project. When you need to get staff from the manager of the QA department, he suggests a few test engineers with performance problems for your team. Which is the BEST response to this situation?
Stop talking to the QA manager
Call a meeting with the QA manager to try to figure out why he suggested those candidates and how the two of you can work together to find team members with suitable skills and interests for your team.
Tell the QA manager that the staffing problems are really no big deal, and you’re sure that the two of you can eventually figure out the right answer together
Tell the manager that you know which team members you want for your team and he needs to give them to you

A project manager is reporting the final status of the closed contract to the stakeholders. Which form of communication is appropriate?
Informal written
Informal verbal
Formal written
Formal verbal

You are managing a software engineering project. While investigating the cause of a low SPI, you discover that your team is having trouble completing their object design tasks, which are on the critical path. One of your team members tells you that her friend at another company sent her a copy of a software package they own that will help your team meet its deadline. Without that software package, your project will probably be late. But you don’t have enough money in the budget to purchase it. What’s the BEST way to handle this situation?
Tell the team member not to use the software, and accept that the project will be late
Use the software so that your project comes in on time
Purchase the software so that you have a licensed copy
Find a way to add resources to the object design activity or move it off of the critical path

While identifying risks for a new construction project, you discover that a chemical you are using on your building cannot be applied in rainy conditions. You also learn that your project will be ready for the chemical application around the time when most of the rainfall happens in this part of the country. Since the project can’t be delayed until after the rainy season and you need to make sure the building gets the chemical coating, you decide that your team will just have to allow enough time in the schedule for non-worked rain days. This is an example of which strategy?

You are managing a construction project. During your risk identification interviews you learn that there has been a string of construction site thefts over the past few months in the area where your will be building your project. The team agrees that it’s unlikely that people will be able to steal from your site. Even if thieves could get around your security, it’s even more unlikely that your project will lose a significant amount of material if a theft does occur. You decide to monitor the risk from time to time to be sure that it continues to have a low probability and impact. Where do you record the risk so that you don’t lose track of it?
In a trigger
On a watchlist
In the Probability and Impact Matrix
In the Monte Carlo analysis report

You are managing a design project. You find that bringing all of your team members into a single room to work increases their communication, and helps build a sense of community. This is referred to as a:
War room
Virtual team
Socially active team
Common area

You are a project manager on a construction project. You have just prepared an RFP to send around to electrical contractors. You get a call from your uncle who owns an electrical contracting company. He wants to bid on your project. You know he’s done good work before, and it may be a good fit for your company. How do you proceed?
You disclose the conflict of interest to your company, and disqualify your uncle’s company
You disclose the conflict of interest to your company, and make the selection based on objective criteria
You disclose the conflict of interest to your company, and provide your uncle with information that the other bidders don’t have so that he has a better chance of winning the contract
You do not disclose the conflict of interest, and give your uncle the bid

You are managing a software project. You are partway through the project, and your team has just delivered a preliminary version of part of the software. Your team gives a demonstration to the project sponsor and key stakeholders. Later, the sponsor informs you that there is an important client who will be using the software your team is building, and whose needs are not being met. As a result, you must now make a large and expensive change to accommodate that client. What is the BEST explanation for this?
The sponsor is being unreasonable
Stakeholder analysis was not performed adequately
The team made a serious mistake and you need to use punishment power to correct it
You do not have enough budget to perform the project

Which of the following is a “hygiene factor” under Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory?
Recognition for excellent work
Good relations with coworkers and managers
Clean clothing

You have identified an opportunity to potentially increase the project’s value. Which of the following is an example of enhancing that opportunity?
By forming a partnership with another company, the project’s value will increase for both companies
By taking additional actions, you increase the potential reward without reducing its probability
By taking out insurance, you can reduce potential costs to the project
By documenting the opportunity in the register, you can keep track of it and ensure it gets exploited

Tom is the project manager on a construction project. Midway through his project, he realizes that there’s a problem with the lumber they’ve been using in a few rooms and they’re going to have to tear down some of the work they’ve done and rebuild. One of his team members suggests that the defect isn’t bad enough to cause all of that re-work. Tom says that he’s worked on a project that made this same mistake before and they ended up having to redo the work when inspectors looked at the house. He convinces the team member that it’s probably better to fix it now than later. What kind of power is he using to make the decision?

Being assigned as a project manager, you noticed during project execution that conflicts arise in the team on both technical and interpersonal levels. What is an appropriate way of handling conflicts?
Conflicts distract the team and disrupt the work rhythm. You should always smooth them when they surface.
A conflict should be handled in a meeting so that the entire team can participate in finding a solution.
Conflicts should be addressed early and usually in private, using a direct, collaborative approach.
You should use your coercive power to quickly resolve conflicts and then focus on goal achievement.

Which document is developed along the risk management processes from identify risks through perform qualitative risk analysis to control risks?
List of risk triggers
Risk register
Risk mitigation
Risk Management Plan

As the project manager in a software project which is currently initiated, you want to assess high-level risks. What should you do?
Develop the project charter and a risk management plan to start identifying risks based on those and other documents.
Identify and analyze risk events using qualitative and quantitative techniques.
Develop contingency plans and fallback plans in case the original plan proves wrong.
Discuss the risks documented in your Risk register with the project key stakeholders.

You are in the process of contacting sellers to obtain bids and proposals. You found out that it might become a time-consuming procedure to ensure that the sellers get a clear and common understanding of the procurement process and of the needs of your project. Which technique may help you save time?
Bidder conferences
Qualified sellers list
Weighting system.

You are managing a software engineering project, when two team members come to you with a conflict. The lead developer has identified an important project risk: you have a subcontractor that may not deliver on time. Another developer doesn’t believe that the risk is likely to happen; however, you consult the lessons learned from previous projects and discover that subcontractors failed to deliver their work on two previous projects. You decide that the risk is too big; you terminate the contract with the subcontractor, and instead hire additional developers to build the component. Both team members agree that this has eliminated the risk. Which of the following BEST describes this scenario?

Tom is a project manager on an industrial design project. He is always watching when his team members come into the office, when they take their breaks, and when they leave. He periodically walks around the office to be sure that everyone is doing work when they are at their desks and he insists that he make every project decision, even minor ones. What kind of manager is he?
Theory X
Theory Y
Cost cutter

During procurement closure, a procurement audit includes all of the following EXCEPT:
Reviewing the contract terms to ensure that they have all been met
Identifying successes and failures that should be recognized
Documenting lessons learned
Using the payment system to process consideration as per the terms of the contract

You are reviewing performance goals to figure out how much bonus to pay to your team members. What document would you consult to find your team’s bonus plan?
The reward and recognition plan
The staffing management plan
The human resource management plan
The project’s budget

Your team has identified a risk with some of the chemicals you are using on your highway construction project. It is really difficult to mix them just right and, based on past projects, you’ve figured out that there’s a high probability that about 14% of the chemical supply will be lost in mixing problems. You decide to buy an extra 15% of the chemicals up front so that you will be prepared for those losses and your project won’t be delayed. Which response strategy are you using?

A notice sent to a subcontractor about the contract is an example of which kind of communication?
Informal verbal
Formal written
Formal verbal
Informal written

You are a project manager on a large military contract that involves 7 subcontractor companies and a total of 1,253 team members, 752 stakeholders and sponsors, and 14 project managers (including you). You need to get a handle on the communications channels, because otherwise your project will devolve into chaos. How many potential channels of communication are there on this project?
No way to determine

What is a risk owner?
The person who monitors the watchlist that contains the risk
The person who meets with stakeholders to explain the risk
The person who makes a risk happen
The person who is responsible for the response plan for the risk

A team member is showing up late to work and leaving early, and it is affecting the project. The project manager decides that the team member must be reprimanded. Which of the following is the BEST way to handle this situation?
In a one-on-one meeting with the team member
At the next team meeting
In a private meeting with the team member and his functional manager
Over email

You are conducting a status meeting and monitoring your risk register when you discover a risk that remains even after you implement all of your response strategies. What kind of risk is this and what should you do about it?
It’s a secondary risk; you don’t need to worry about it
It’s a residual risk; you need to plan a response strategy for it
It’s a residual risk; you don’t need to plan a response strategy for it because you’ve already implemented all of the risk responses you can plan for
It’s a contingency reserve. You should only use it if the first risk occurs

Paul is a project manager for an industrial design project. The project has a 60% chance of making the company $230,000 over the next year. It has a 40% chance of costing the company $150,000. What’s the project’s EMV?

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