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Pecha Kucha presentations have ...
... 21 slides which are shown for 21 seconds each.
... 20 slides which are shown for 20 seconds each.
... 10 slides which are shown for 10 seconds each.

The question which all 8 presenters were answering when they gave their pecha kucha is ...
What makes you wish you were a better teacher?
What makes you fly high in your professional life?
What makes you embarrassed about being a teacher?

One of Theodora's "fly high moments" is when ...
... students become friends after completing a project together.
... students go off into the world and never return after completing a course.
... students don't show up for lessons on time.

All of the key values which guide Svetlana's life and help her to fly high start with the letter ....
.. K
.. S
... C

Matthew used the book ___________ to frame his Pecha Kucha.
Memories, Memories, Memories
Memory, Meaning, and Madness
Memory, Meaning, and Method

According to Queralt, a new school year is like a ...
... new horizon
.. threshold
... balloon that flies high.

In Christina's presentation she says "I'm not sure where these steps will lead but what's important to me, what makes me fly high is that ...
.. I know I'm not going to fall down the stairs.
... I've got a whole community that moves forward right along with me.
... I have enough more than enough coffee every day.

One of the things that motivated Sherifa to learn English and eventually become a teacher was ....
... her interest in Princess Diana.
... her love of poetry.
... her inability to find a job.

The first lesson that Ayat learned as a webhead was about ...
... technology
... competiion
... sharing

When Basma was in primary school she told her mother she wanted to be ...
... a doctor.
.. a teacher.
.. anything except a doctor or a teacher.

In a pecha kucha presentation, each presenter has a total of ....
... exactly 6 minutes.
... 6 minutes and 40 seconds
... 6 minutes and 20 seconds.

In a pecha kucha presentation the presenter ....
... controls the slides and decides when to advance them.
... the presenter is not allowed to control the slides. The slides advance automatically.
... does not make his or her own slides.

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