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Professional development is important:
for the teachers themselves
for their students
for both groups mentioned above

Teachers who develop professionally can sometimes get
a pay rise.
bonus points
a free t-shirt

At swapshops…
teachers bring in a teaching idea and present it to others in turns.
teachers bring things from their classrooms they don’t need and exchange them.
teachers decide to visit each other’s classrooms.

After discussion groups, it's possible to create a newsletter…
in print
both online and in print

Mentoring is considered to be…
done by an older colleague to a younger one.
something done among people who know each other.
something done only by teachers in working in the same school

When you want to observe a class, it is a good idea ...
to observe someone you know.
to forget the idea because you're not going to learn very much.
to try to remember everything you see and then reflect on everyhing later.

It is beneficial for teachers to connect online ...
to see how well they can handle social media
only in their free time
to forge strong connections and learn from each other.

When you join Twitter, you…
need a lot of time on it, to be honest.
can post whole texts.
can post limited-character updates

It is good for teachers to use Facebook…
if they are visual.
if they like to post large updates.
if they are visual AND like to post large updates

Teacher – bloggers are…
sharing their insights and learning.
people with a talent in writing.

In a nutshell connect …
and get lost.
and you will never look back.
and you will have a huge decrease in your free time.

When Vicky first moved to Switzerland she got some very good advice from ...
Ken Wilson
Jason R. Levine
Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto

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