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The publishing company that Dorothy founded ...
... can be found at
... publishes only ebooks
... sells books only on Amazon

According to Dorothy, publishing materials as an ebook (as opposed to a print book) is a good idea if ...
... you want to be able to choose the fonts yourself.
... you want to be able to contol how much appears on one page.
... if you want to be able to link to audio and video.

The acronym POD stands for ...
... purchase-on-demand
... print-on-demand
... publish-on-demand

In order to publish materials as an ebook, materials need to be put into a/n ___________
PDF file
Adobe Acrobat file
Microsoft Word doc

Paperback books ...
... require only a front cover if self-published.
... need to be assigned an ISBN number
... must be formatted as a Microsoft Word doc at first.

The Wayzgoose press book English for Scammers ...
... is available only as an ebook.
... is available only as a print book.
... is available both as an ebook and as a print book

The Wayzgoose Press book English for Scammers was written by ...
Chuck Sandy and Jason R. Levine
Dorothy Zemach and Chuck Sandy
Vicky Loras and Dorothy Zemach

Royalties for books published on Amazon's site ...
... are paid monthy with a sixty-day lag.
... cannot be collected by non-Americans
... are much lower than an author would get from a traditional ELT publisher.

If you list your book only on Amazon you can ...
... get five free books of your choice every 90 days.
... make your book free for 5 days out of every 90.
... get a free Amazon Prime account.

Smashwords is ...
... a distributor but not a publisher.
... a publisher but not a distributor
... both a publisher and a distributor

Dorothy recommends _______________ as the easiest place to self-publish

The book Go Publish Yourself is ....
... available only as an ebook
... is a Wayzgoose Press book
... was written by Katie Salidas

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