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According to Irina the deductive method of teaching grammar ...
... has more merits than demerits.
... has both merits and demerits.
... is almost never used in the 21st century.

The grammar translation method uses ....
... inductive teaching.
... deductive teaching
... neither inductive nor deductive teaching strategies

Shallow end communicative language teaching usually employs ...
... deductive methodologies
... mostly teachers in the far east.
inductive methodologies

One of the good things about using an inductive approach to grammar teaching is that ...
... students have the option to remain passive during lessons.
... students get various opportunities to play an active role in the learning process.
... students get well-conceived explanations of grammar rules to memorize.

The four personality types Irina introduced are ...
... melancholic, phlegmatic, choleric, and sanguine.
.. active, passive, involved, and engaged.
... ordinary, extraordinary, super, and deluxe

Which of the following photo editing tools does Irina recommend

Irina's "Everyone Has a Dream Idea" can be used to ...
... practice conditionals.
... reinforce deductive learning
... encourage social networking.

Irina's third idea is useful for practicing ....
... conditionals
... alll future tenses
... the simple future only

Choleric personalitiy types of often ...
... born leaders.
... moody
... detail oriented

Phegmatic personality types are sometimes ...

According to Irina, deductive grammar teaching ...
... practices grammar rules in a boring and mechanical way
... is perfect for all four pyschological types
... is good for developing critical thinking skills

One disadvantage of demerit of inductive grammar teaching is ...
... it can take a lot of time.
.. it's overly economical in terms of time.
... it's quick and to the point.

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