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According to Aysegul, teaching is an emotional ...
... ferris wheel
... jet ski
... roller coaster

Emotional cognition is ...
... of no concern to language teachers.
... the tendency to feel and express emotions similar to and influenced by those of others.
... a language learning method that is still in development.

According to Aysegul resonance ...
... is not as contagious as dissonance.
... is contagious and so is dissonance.
... is contangious but dissonance is not contagious.

A fake smile ....
... is often seen as genuine.
... is quite easy to spot.
... is able to convey positive emotions and trigger emotional cognition.

Asch's experiements on conformity ...
... disproved the theory of emotional cognition.
... involved EFL students identifying fake smiles.
... suggests that the presence of even one non-coformist can have real effects on a group's behavior.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the phrase topsy turvy ...
... is listed as a noun.
... is defined as "upside down"
... defined as "in or into a state of utter disorder or confusion"

What are the three elements of self-compassion
self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness
altruism, brotherly love, and self-awareness.
gratitude, mindfulness, and self-kindness

Who said, "Learning should be about sharing information, interacting, and engaging the students.
Stephen Krashen
Tascott & Williams
Herder & Thornbury

One of Aysegul's rules for Topsy Turvey Teaching is ....
... talk about domga.
.. talk about mystery.
... talk about comprehension.

Brain teasers ....
... are never used in Topsy Turvey Teaching
... are a good way to get students thinking in new ways.
... are too difficult for most students.

At the end of her presentation Aysegul calls on us all to ...
... follow our dreams.
... follow our passion.
... follow each other.

When it comes to social media, Aysegul recommends ...
... leaving it to the experts.
... using it in class in creative ways.
... using it only with students over the age of 16.

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