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How does Rose define learning with her students?
as the process of acquiring knowledge
as the journey that individuals take towards learning about themselves
as the product of teaching

What does Reflective Learning involve?
It involves creating opportunities for learners to reflect on their learning
It involves taking time outside the class to think about what they do in class
It involves taking the opportunity to share with the teacher their ideas

At the end of the session feedback was defined as..
the teacher telling learners what they should do to become autonomous
the students expecting teachers to mark their language mistakes and errors
the ongoing conversations that emerge out of necessity or are requested

Paulo Freire is a Brazilian educator who...
coined the term bank education
was involved in founding iTDi.
believed that education is basically a process of transmission.

Considering that reflective learning involves creating opportunities for learners to reflect on their learning journey, Rose gives the following steps to start implementing it in the classroom.
start with simple questions, use self-assessment, and keep on creating opportunities for them to reflect
start slowly with big questions, let them grade themselves, and use continuous assessment
start by asking simple questions and promote self-assessment

What is one of the most crucial elements of reflective learning?

What is the first step in the action plan as proposed in the session?
Discuss with learners
Identify the challenge

Which one of statements represents one of the lessons that Rose has learned from implementing reflecting learning in her classes?
Give them time to reflect on their choices, actions and the results of them.
Expect them to manage their own learning
Let them know that there will be consequences for their choices

What is the main objective of the reflective learning approach Rose uses?
to build their own knowledge of the language, to make new connections to be able to learn a language
to become more self-aware of what they know, to make new connections to be able to construct and produce new language.
to create opportunities for learners to make decisions, deconstruct and give feedback

Reflective learning is not only about reflecting on what learners do in class but also...
reflect on what they think
reflect on what they do outside the class
reflect on what they do with others

From which book was this quote taken from? " Teaching demands taking risks, accepting novelty and rejecting any form of discrimination."
Pedagogy of the Opressed
Pedagogy of Hope
Pedagogy of Autonomy

The dialoguing process requires teachers to challenge learners to ... ?
do lots of talking
express their understanding of what is being communicated.
tell each other what they want

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