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Marisa mainly ...
... works with teachers taking the CELTA course.
... motivates students to read extensively.
... writes ELT reading materials

The purose of the first text Marisa shared over several screens was to show ....
... the importance of asking questions.
.. the importance of genre
.. the importance of understanding what's involved in comprehension

___________ means approximately the same thing as "background knowledge"
Schematic knowledge
Systemic knowledge
Orthographic knoweledge

According to Marisa, bottom up processing is ....
... more than enough to insure full reading comprehension.
... not always enough when it comes to reading comprehenion
... is never used any longer in reading classes in the 21st century.

According to Marisa, poor readers in English ....
... often read too much.
... are often poor readers in their L1 as well.
... often know a lot of vocabulary but don't know how to use what they know.

Unless students _______________ they probably won't become motivated to read says Marisa.
are asked endless comprehension questions
are engaged in the texts their readiing
have all decisions made for them about what and how to read

The activiating language stage should be ....
... done before students even open their books to read.
... done after students have read a text so that they don't forget the language they've learned.
... considered as something optional as it's not really important for language learning.

Who said, "The most important single factor influencing learning is what the learner already knows. Ascertain this and teach him accordingly"?
Lindsey Clanfield
D. B. Ausubel
A. B. Organizer

What I already know, What I want to know, What I have learnt, How I have learnt this is ...
... an example of an advanced organizer
... from a chart commonly used in classes where reading is done in a bottom-up sort of way.
... an example of four of the most common comprehension questions.

When working with texts like "Mystery Ice Smashes Through Roof" ...
... Marisa suggests having students do translation activities.
... Marisa strongly encourages using only texts for which there is only one possible correct answer.
... Marisa recommends having students come up with some possible theories of their own.

The site ...
... jumbles texts and turns the into puzzles.
... prints articles in the form of a newspaper.
... provides students with an online newspaper especially designed for English language learners.

Marisa suggests using Wordle and a voice recording tool like Voicethread to have students...
... when seeking a loan from a word bank.
... write their own comprehension questions.
... record predictions about a text in an interesting way.

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