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Who said “ Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary , simple by doing them with the right people”
Nicholas Sparks
Nicholas Matthues
Nicholas Smart

According to Sokolik (2003), writing is a combination of Process and......

Who said "Writing refers to the act of gathering ideas and working with them until they are presented in a manner that is polished and comprehensible to readers?"
Scott Thornbury
Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto
Caroline Linse

Which is the correct process of writing?
Prewriting – Writing - Revise – Edit – Publish
Prewriting – Revise - Writing – Edit – Publish
Prewriting – Edit - Writing - Revise – Publish

During the Editing process in writing, who can help learners proofread their work to make sure that there are not any content errors or grammatical or spelling errors?
teachers, caregivers, or classmates
teachers, supervisors, parents
teachers only

Which one isn’t on of the top 5 Reasons why writing is important for kids on NBC’s Education Nation?
Writing helps develop kids' musical skills
Writiing builds confidence in a child's sense of herself and her voice.
Writing helps kids create and strengthen their identities.

According to Budi which problem isn’t the real challenge for students when writing?
fear of failure
lack of creativity and ideas

Which characterisctic describes new learners as 21st Century students?
task oriented

According to Budi, what's one way you could use Wordle for teaching or practicing writing?
word category and classification
creating a comic strip
summarizing an essay

According to Budi, what can we do with Smore in teaching and practicing writing in class?
playing charades
making posters and fliers
creating a crossword puzzle

Which classroom activity related to writing can we do with webtools such as pixton, toondo, makebeliefscomic, pikistrip etc?
create dialogue
summarize essays
play charades

Who said, "Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.”
Steve Jobs
Caroline Linse
Bill Gates

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