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1. Put the phrases in the CORRECT ORDER:Catherine that will the doorbell be oh there'sA. CatherineB. that willC. the doorbellD. beE. oh there's

2. CORRECT THE ERRORS.You shouldn't had told him about the surprise party.
You shouldn't has told him about the surprise party.
You shouldn't have told him about the surprise party.
You shouldn't have tell him about the surprise party.
Your shouldn't have told him about the surprise party.

3. Are you hungry? - __________.
Just a bit .
Not many.
Not any.
A few.

4. Choose the CORRECT RESPONSE:We need a Master of Ceremonies to present each musician in the competition. Will you do it?______
A: Yes, will we.
B: Yes, will I.
C: I would be glad to do it.
E: I can do it because I will be out of town on that day.

5. CHANGE TO PASSIVE; which is correct?The interviewer was holding the microphone up to his mouth.
A: The microphone was being holden up to his mouth.
B: The microphone up to his mouth was being held.
C: The interviewer was, up to his mouth, holding the microphone.
D: The microphone was being held up to his mouth by the interviewer.

6. Which is NOT CORRECT?
A: You've got to buy your tickets before you go into the theater
B: You've got to be joking!
C - Mario usually must drink coffee in the morning.
D: You must be crazy!

7. Is the weather like this in your country? - ____________.
A. Very good
B. Not much
C. More or less
D. Not bad

8. Choose the CORRECT QUESTION: ______?Answer is - Two hundred miles per hour.
A: What speed would the racing cars builded in 1950 do?
B: What speed will this baby do?
C: How fast is this car able go?
D: How fast can this car goes?

9. Put the words in the CORRECT ORDER:it try will again you ?A. itB. tryC. willD. againE. you

10. Do you want another drink? - _________.
A. I'm going to.
B. No thanks.
C. Please do.
D. Can you?

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