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The communications management plan is a document which includes descriptions of
Project level performance reports
Activity level status reports
Stakeholder communication requirements
Responsibility assignments

Being assigned as a project manager, you noticed during project execution that conflicts arise in the team on both technical and interpersonal levels. What is an appropriate way of handling conflicts?
Conflicts distract the team and disrupt (????) the work rhythm (?????). You should always smooth them when they surface.
A conflict should be handled in a meeting so that the entire team can participate in finding a solution.
Conflicts should be addressed early and usually in private, using a direct, collaborative approach.
You should use your coercive power to quickly resolve conflicts and then focus on goal achievement.

What is the purpose of a project charter?
To formally authorize a project or a phase and document initial requirements which satisfy the stakeholder’s needs and expectations.
To document how the project will be planned, executed, monitored/controlled, and closed.
To link the project, which is going to be planned, executed, and monitored/controlled to the ongoing work of the organization.
To describe the process of performing the work defined in the project management plan in order to achieve the project’s objectives.

_________ are usually not a manifestation?????)) of unique organizational cultures and styles.
Shared visions, values, norms, beliefs, and expectations
Individual traits(?????) and attitudes of co-workers
Views of authority relationships
Policies, methods, and procedures

Which of the following documents is not used as input for the validate scope process?
The project management plan, containing the scope baseline consisting of the project scope statement and its associated WBS and WBS dictionary.
The validated deliverables completed and checked for correctness by the Perform quality control process.
The requirements traceability matrix, linking requirements to their origin and tracing them throughout the project lifecycle.
The RACI matrix, describing accountabilities in case of product rejection.

What is not a reason for companies to organize lessons learned?
Lessons learned databases are an essential element of the organizational process assets.
Lessons learned should focus on identifying those accountable for errors and failures.
Lessons learned sessions should bring about recommendations to improve future performance on projects.
Phase-end lessons learned sessions provide a good team building exercise for project staff members.

A customer is requiring a minor scope change and expects you to do this without delays and additional costs. You believe that you have adequate(???) authorization to make the decision by yourself, but you are not quite sure. What should be your next steps?
A requested change is always an opportunity to get more money paid by the customer and to secretly solve schedule and quality problems. You should make some reasonable estimates on time, costs, risks etc. and then add a nice margin on top of that to calculate the new price.
Customer satisfaction is your top priority. The customer gives you an opportunity to increase their satisfaction, which you should use to the maximum benefit. Most project managers have contingencies to cover risks; these can be used to pay the additional costs.
Before making a decision you should have a look at the customer’s parking lot. If you find there many expensive, new models, it is likely that you can use the requested change to increase the profit from the contract. Otherwise you should reject the request.
Handle the request according to the integrated change control processes described in your management plans. Then make a decision together with the appropriate change control body, whether the increased customer satisfaction will be worth the extra costs, work, risks etc.

As the project manager in a software project which is currently initiated, you want to assess high-level risks. What should you do?
Develop the project charter and a risk management plan to start identifying risks based on those and other documents.
Identify and analyze risk events using qualitative and quantitative techniques.
Develop contingency plans and fallback plans in case the original plan proves wrong.
Discuss the risks documented in your Risk register with the project key stakeholders.

What should managers consider before conducting a performance-evaluation interview with a project team member?
Which management fallacies can most easily be delegated to the worker?
How can discussion of the manager’s leadership style be avoided?
Has the employee been provided with sufficient instructions and work tools?
How can dispute related to unsatisfactory performance be avoided?

You take over a project that is $100,000 over budget. You know the team has completed $500,000 worth of work. Your sponsor has been calling you all day leaving messages while you were in meetings asking for a quick update on the project status. What will you tell him when you return his call?
The SPI is 1.1
The CPI is 0.83
The CPI is 1.2
The SPI is 0.83

You are in the process of contacting sellers to obtain bids and proposals. You found out that it might become a time-consuming procedure to ensure that the sellers get a clear and common understanding of the procurement process and of the needs of your project. Which technique may help you save time?
Bidder conferences
Qualified sellers list
Procurement Audits

A parking lot fencing project was bid at $11 per foot, & one company is doing all the work. The parking lot has 4 equal sides of 125 feet, & requires the installation of a six-foot diameter culvert (????) on one side. Fencing should be installed at a rate of 100 ft per day. The culvert installation will cost $500 & take one day to complete. The culvert must be installed before work can begin on that side of the fence. After three days of work, one side is completed, another has 75 feet installed, and the culvert is completely installed. So far, $2,700 of the total project budget has been used. What is the current status of the project?
It is over budget with a cost variance of +$125.
The budget is neutral with cost variance of $0.
It is under budget, with a cost variance of +$500 due to the completion of the culvert installation
It is over budget, with a cost variance of -$1,100

You have just taken over as manager of a project that will create many benefits for the performing organization, but you sense a high level of resistance in various stakeholders' right from the start. What is the most appropriate action to resolve the problem?
Develop a responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) which clearly shows the responsibility of each stakeholder for the various project activities and who needs to be consulted and informed.
Develop an organization diagram, which places each of the stakeholders at an appropriate position inside the project and allows for certain lines of communication while disallowing others.
Schedule a meeting with these stakeholders to present the project, discuss and establish ground rules, ensure their involvement and identify initial personal and organizational issues.
Do not talk to these stakeholders too much at this time; instead create faits accomplis (??? ????), which will later force the stakeholders to support the project due to a lack of alternatives for them.

What is the purpose of the following diagram?
Describing the influence of extreme weather conditions on progress and on the achievement of project objectives.
Comparing the relative importance of variables that have a high degree of uncertainty with those that are more stable.
Evaluating team performance and identifying team members with low productivity and work effectiveness.
Evaluating the degree to which project work and deliverables conform to the expectations of key stakeholders.

During project planning, you are presented with the following diagram that depicts a cumulative likelihood distribution for the duration of a project: What kind of conclusion can you draw from the information depicted in it?
The likeliness that the project will finish exactly at the date marked with “Deadline” is 80%.
The likeliness that the project team will exceed the date marked with “Deadline” is at 80%.
If the project team will meet the deadline, project costs will be 80% of the budgeted costs.
The likeliness that the project team will meet the deadline or will finish earlier is at 80%.

Management wants the project completed in 40 days. The cost performance index CPI = 1.1, the project critical path duration is 38 days with a standard deviation of two days. What is the maximum project float?
Four days.
Zero days.
Two days.
One day.

During the execution of a project, a new ISO version of standard 9000 is issued & the project team is meeting with the quality department to determine how the standard will apply to the project. This is part of which quality management process?
Plan Quality Management.
Perform Quality Assurance.
Quality Analysis.
Control Quality.

There are several activities executing underway on your project. You are beginning to get concerned about the accuracy of the progress reporting your team members are doing. How could you verify whether there is a problem?
Risk quantification reports.
Quality audits.
Regression Analysis.
Monte Carlo Analysis.

Based on the network diagram in the chart, you complete the initial schedule & find out that the scheduled completion date for activity G is after an imposed delivery date. In order to shorten the project length & meet that milestone, what should you do?
Move more resources to activity B
Decrease the work of activity E
Fast track activities H & J.
Outsource activity I.

You created network diagram for your project based on the chart. When all of a sudden the person completing activity C says you must plan for a lag of two weeks after the completion of the activity before starting the next activity. Which of the following would be first thing to do?
Nothing, because the two weeks could be assigned to activity E.
Make start, A, D, G, End the critical path to save time.
Calculate the project float after the insertion of the lag.
See if the duration of activity H can be shortened.

For a project has the following earned value calculations: AC = $4,000,000, CV = $-500,000, SPI = 1.12, BAC = $9,600,000. What is the earned value of the project?

There are four people on the project team 7 the project manager adds three more. How many channels of communications are now?

Product acceptance criteria should be laid down in which document?
Project scope statement
Work breakdown structure
Resource assignments
Project scope management plan

During project execution you found out that work is often not performed at the right time and in the right order. Deliverables are made by one team member that cannot be processed by another one. This already leads to timely rework and bad morale among team members. Which project management tool is most appropriate to deal with problems like this?
Organization chart
RACI matrix
Communications management plan
Work authorization system

The communication management plan for the project has been completed & approved by the customer when a major stakeholder requests the project manager issue reports on the amount of testing done throughout the life of the project. However, testing is only a minor aspect of the quality control plan. It would be best for the project manager to:
Not issue the report. Project resources should be expended on communicating information that contributes to success.
Have the stakeholder meet with the project sponsor to get the sponsor's agreement that project funds should be expended on this effort.
Request details of the information the stakeholder needs in the report. Provide that information to those handling the quality control function on the project.
Issue the report, as this is a major stakeholder. Her needs would have been included in the staffing management plan.

The buyer's project manager is meeting with the seller's project manager to discuss the seller's performance to date on this important design-build project. There have been two changes to the project caused by a change in government regulations & three perceived (?????)errors by the seller that are being discussed. What is the best output of such a meeting?
Scheduling a procurement performance review.
A letter of default.
Change requests.
Updates to the records management system.

A customer has requested a change that requires you to obtain new equipment. You need to decide whether to buy or lease (????)the equipment. The daily lease cost is $150. The cost of purchasing the item is $2,000 investment cost & $50 daily cost. You need to use the item for about 12 days. What should you do?
Lease it.
Lease it for only seven days to try to decrease the cost.
Buy it.
Ask the customer to pay for $2,000 change order.

Monitor & Control Project Work includes all of the following except:
Updating the project management plan, creating network diagrams, & performing regression analysis.
Comparing actual performance to what was planned, reviewing changes to determine their effectiveness, & performing cost-benefit analysis.
Holding focus groups, issuing work performance reports, & approving corrective actions.
Balancing the demands of all knowledge areas, comparing actual performance to what was planned, & making change requests.

While constructing a new drug manufacturing plant, you discover a leak in a pipe which has released chemicals into the ground. It was difficult to acquire the necessary government approval & community support for the plant, & management has told you to be particularly careful to not upset the community. You are uncertain whether the chemicals could leak into the groundwater or cause any damage. What should you do?
Wherever possible, communicate all the great benefits of the plant to the community.
Follow the instructions to avoid upsetting the community & do nothing.
Start to write articles in the local papers about how poorly treated the local drinking water is.
Inform local officials & ask for their help.

As part of your effort to develop a project charter, you meet with an engineering manager. He informs you that it is impossible to provide a cost estimate without knowing the specific resources who will be assigned to the project. You explain that:
For now only you need a ROM estimate to be validated later, when you know what resources will be available.
You were counting on his support to help you select the most-effective resources.
It is not a problem because stakeholder identification during project initiating will uncover key resources.
Resource cost is not an issue at this point. You will have a realistic budget at the end of project planning.

Your company puts a new product into the marketplace without any reports of problems. However, your internal research indicates there is a possibility of malfunction that could cause serious injuries. You estimate that modifications to eliminate this possibility would cost $20,000,000. What should you do?
Recall all existing product.
Wait until an injury to verify the impact.
Make the necessary modifications to the products in production.
Obtain insurance to cover the anticipated damages.

When should project baselines be changed?
They should not be changed.
At each project team meeting.
For all approved changes that affect the baselines.
Only for changes that have been approved by the change control board.

A project manager has made a change to the project. What should you do next?
Evaluate impacts.
Request change control board involvement.
Assign resources.
Revise the project management plan and/or project documents.

Most of the project risks will be identified during which risk management processes?
Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis & Control Risks.
Identify Risks & Control Risks.
Identify Risks & Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis.
Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis & Identify Risks.

A project manager is managing his second project. It started one month after the first & both are in process. Though his first project is small, this one seems to be growing in size every day. As each day passes, the project manager is beginning to feel more & more in need of help. The project manager has recently heard that there was another project in the company last year that is similar to his second project. What should you do?
Wait to see if the project is impacted by the growth in scope.
Obtain historical records & guidance from the project management office (PMO).
Make sure the scope of the project is agreed to by all stakeholders.
Contact the other project manager & ask for assistance.

The new CEO of your company calls you into her office to informally discuss a potential project for your organization. The project involves moving your largest call center to a new building 28 miles away, installing new hardware & call monitoring software, and giving the staff three days of intensive, product specific training. She asks your opinion of this work. How should you respond?
You should inform the CEO that this initiative may involve more than one project.
You need to meet with the IT & call center managers to get more details on the plan.
You should suggest that the project needs a formal charter.
You should ask whether she has determined the impact to the staff of moving the call center so far away.

You are managing a six-month project & have held bi-weekly meetings with your project stakeholders. After five & a half months of work, the project is on schedule & budget, but the stakeholders are not satisfied with the deliverables. This situation will delay the project completion by one month. The most important process that could have prevented this situation is:
Define Scope.
Monitor & Control Risks.
Control Schedule.
Control Scope.

The graphic designer on the project recommends a blue background for the materials, while the customer strongly argues for red. The graphic designer explains that, in color psychology, blue is more calming & is likely to generate a better reaction from potential buyers. A decision must be made today. How should this requirements conflict be resolved?
Use the Delphi technique to get a consensus of outside experts.
Compromise between the two options and use purple.
Use red.
Use blue.

Which of the following is a basic rule or guideline for creating a work breakdown structure?
Each level of a work breakdown structure is a smaller segment of the level above.
It should list, in chronological order (????? ????), every activity that needs to be done to complete the project.
It should be organized by functional areas.
The first row should describe the products of the project.

People associated with the organization in which you are working with have been complaining about the lack of information regarding upcoming changes and want to get information regarding upcoming changes & want to get information now. Some of them feel what they have heard about your project means they will lose their job or be forced to find a difference position within the company. Luckily for you, the SPI is 1.08 & the CPI is 0.99, so you feel confident of success. What is the best way to deal with this situation?
Use smoothing to let the people know they are not in fact going to lose their jobs, and fight for better feedback in the future.
Update the organizational process assets & reassess the risks of this type of situation occurring again.
Use face-to-face meetings to gather further information about the issues & use the issue log to track the issues to completion.
Have the people submit a change request so their concerns may be addressed, & have the change control board review the change for merit.

Near the end of your last project, additional requirements were demanded by a group of stakeholders when they learned they would be affected by your project. This became a problem because you had not included the time or cost in the project management plan for these requirements. What is the best thing you can do to prevent such a problem on future projects?
Pay more attention to stakeholder management.
Review the project charter more thoroughly, examining the business case for "holes".
Do a more thorough job of procurement planning.
Review the WBS dictionary more thoroughly, looking for incomplete descriptions.

Which of the following is the best thing to do at bidder conference?
Make sure the sellers have all the procurement documents.
Meet the sellers' teams.
Answer sellers' questions.
Make sure the sellers ask all their questions.

Which of the following statements represents a fixed price incentive fee (FPIF) contract?
Pay the costs plus $10,000 for every month the project is finished earlier than June 14.
Pay $1,000,000 plus $10,000 for every designated incremental quality level reached.
Pay all the costs plus a $10,000 fee.
Pay $1,000,000.

Your management is applying the 10 percent solution: It has requested that you reduce the budget for the project which you are currently initiating by 10%. What will this probably mean for your project?
If the budget is cut by 10%, then the project will have an accompanying degradation of quality by 10%.
If the project budget is an honest one, then a reduction in budget must be accompanied by a trade-off in either time or performance.
A 10% reduction in budget will be accompanied by a loss of performance much less than the target reduction in cost.
Most projects have "padded" estimates, and the budgetary reduction will force out the padding from the project.

A team member approaches you with a change that could cut your schedule down by a month. What is the first thing you should do?
Write up a change request and see if you can get it approved.
Make the change; it’s going to save time and nobody will want the project to take longer than it should.
Figure out the impact on the scope of the work and the cost before you write up the change request
Tell the team member that you’ve already communicated the deadline for the project, so you can’t make any changes now.

During human resource planning you identified that your team members are not sufficiently qualified for their tasks. Which may be an appropriate solution to this problem?
Reduce level of effort
Develop a training plan
Plan quality audits
Plan quality inspections

During a team meeting, the team adds a specific area of extra work to the project because they have determined it would benefit the customer. What is wrong in this situation?
Nothing. The project manager is in control of the situation.
Nothing. This is how to meet & exceed customer expectations.
These efforts shouldn't be done in meetings.
The team is gold plating.

The project you are working on has an increase on cost effectiveness, increased productivity, & increased morale. What might be the reason for these changes?
Increased quality.
Management's focus on cost containment.
Project objectives are in line with those of the performing organization.
Rewards presented for individual efforts.

You are the project manager for a railroad construction project. Your sponsor has asked you for a forecast for the cost of project completion. The project has a total budget of $80,000 and CPI of .95. The project has spent $25,000 of its budget so far. How much more money do you plan to spend on the project?

What do you expect when you are submitting an invitation for bid to sellers?
Offers which will differ significantly in solution approach and price.
Offers which are similar enough to allow a selection based on price.
Offers which are not primarily written to win against competition.
General information on a seller’s ability to provide the goods or services.

You are running a major project with four sub-projects. Each of the sub-project managers has developed a risk management plan, identified many risks, analyzed them and planned for risk response. It is now two months later. What should you not do?
Ensure that they handle all risks to save you from project level risk control.
Make sure that the sub project managers monitor their project work for new and changing risks.
Make sure that the sub project managers keep track of the identified risks and those on the watch list.
Make sure that the sub-project managers monitor trigger conditions for contingency plans.

You recently assigned staff members to activities, estimated work and scheduled your project. You then created the following resource histogram for your staff:
The project can probably not be finished as scheduled.
You may be able to finish the project early by reassigning work.
You should avoid network logic diagramming for scheduling.
You may run into problems with dual reporting relationships.

A project manager's PDM network schedule gets audited by a scheduling expert. The expert tells the project manager to focus more on nodes with "path convergence". What is he referring to?
Nodes in a WBS, where several branches are brought back together.
Nodes in a conditional network diagram, at which it becomes deterministic.
Nodes in a decision tree, showing various branches with the same chance.
Nodes in a network logic diagram which have multiple predecessors.

The members of your project team have been assigned to your project with general availability levels of 50%. Yesterday, they reported to you that significant variances occurred during project execution. You have noted that the team members have been spending less than 50% of their time working on your project. Your project schedule is about to become heavily delayed, and deadlines are in jeopardy. What should you do?
Talk to your sponsor and try to get more resources assigned on similar conditions as the existing ones.
Talk with functional managers. Negotiate clear and written assignments with reliable scheduling priorities.
Ignore the difficulties, adjust your schedule and negotiate new deadlines according to the slower progress.
Focus on internal charges. Make sure that your project is not getting charged for more than the actual work.

You monitored figures on cost and planned/earned value for each individual project week until the data date at the end of the sixth week. What is the status of this project at this date? Project week Actual costs Earned value Planned value 1 $65,000 $61,000 $67,000 2 $85,000 $79,000 $89,000 3 $100,000 $102,000 $110,000 4 $125,000 $124,000 $121,000 5 $135,000 $133,000 $139,000 6 $125,000 $120,000 $131,000
The project is ahead of schedule and over budget.
The project is ahead of schedule and under budget.
The project is behind schedule and over budget.
The project is behind schedule and under budget.

Crashing describes a technique to speed up a project by:
Reallocating existing resources or assigning additional resources to the project.
Overlapping activities which were originally planned to be done in sequence.
Reducing the number of features of the product in order to reduce development work.
Reducing the duration estimates for activities to increase the pressure applied to the staff.

During risk identification sessions, you and your team identified more than 150 risks for your project. You are afraid that evaluating each of these risks quantitatively will cost you an enormous (????) amount of time, while not all of them are really relevant and important enough to justify such a measure. What should you do next?
Identify risk triggers where possible. Analyze only those risks quantitatively for which no trigger could be found.
Use qualitative risk analysis in order to prioritize risks for further action, such as quantitative risk analysis.
Assess the probability of each risk qualitatively and further analyze only those risks with high probability.
Assess the potential impact of each risk qualitatively and further analyze only those risks with high impact.

During execution of a project, you observe that the performance of some of your team members is dropping, while others are doing a consistently good job. What should you try first to bring the team as a whole back to performance?
Organize a team meeting and discuss openly the bad performance of the weak team members. Try to find a joint solution during the meeting.
Introduce a competitive incentive system with a bonus for the 20% of your team which is performing better than the other 80%.
Do not interfere, but give the team some time to organize, and sort the problem out by low-level conflict management.
Introduce a system of formal and informal performance appraisals, research causes for bad performance and solicit mutual feedback.

Which statement describes best the purpose of the communications management plan?
The project management plan is a subsidiary document of the overall communications management plan.
The communications management plan describes rules of behavior and respect for communications in cross-cultural teams.
The communications management plan describes the information delivery needs including format and level of detail.
The communications management plan focuses on the use of communications technologies by the project management team.

Being the project manager in a high-risk electronics project with a lot of new technologies, you developed a risk management plan and identified risks which you documented in a risk register. Then, the risks were analyzed and response was planned. During risk control meetings. It gets obvious that the documents you created are not very helpful. What have you probably done wrong?
You failed to use an RBS.
You did the first processes alone.
You did not identify Triggers.
You did not calculate EMVs.

You are just leaving a meeting during which you have been assigned as the manager of a project to build a sub-station that is part of a major electric power distribution system. The decision to run the project has been made before your assignment and without your involvement. Some basic decisions on deliverables, staffing, budgeting and on the completion date have already been made as well. What should you do first?
Obtain a project charter which links the project to the strategy and ongoing work of the organization and documents the initial decisions.
Create a project schedule for your project which shows all major milestones and deadlines linked with them. Then try to obtain approval for the schedule.
Start developing a detailed risk register which includes identified risks with their qualitative and quantitative assessments and a response plan.
Start the quality assurance process by developing test procedures for the final deliverable and defining metrics against which the tests will be performed.

A project manager is working in a country where it is customary to pay the police for private protection services, and those costs have increased the AC. This has affected his earned value calculations. When he reviews the budget with his company’s management, his supervisor tells him that in another country, those costs would be considered a bribe, and questions whether they should be added to the budget. What is the best way for the project manager to proceed?
Do not pay the police for private protection services, because that would be a bribe
Pay the police for private protection services, because it is customary in the country they are operating in
Consult the Cost Management Plan about payment
Initiate cost control to update the cost baseline

You have just delivered a product to your client for acceptance, when you get a call that some features they were expecting are missing. What’s the first thing you should do?
Get your team together and reprimand (????) them for building a product that doesn’t meet user expectations.
Tell the client that the product passed all of your internal quality inspections and scope verification processes, so it must be fine.
Tell the team to start building the missing features into the product right away.
Call a meeting with the client to understand exactly what is unacceptable in the product and try to figure out what went wrong along the way.

A project manager is reporting the final status of the closed contract to the stakeholders. Which form of communication is appropriate?
Informal written
Informal verbal
Formal written
Formal verbal

You are managing a project with a total budget of $450,000. According to the schedule, your team should have completed 45% of the work by now. But at the latest status meeting, the team only reported that 40% of the work has actually been completed. The team has spent $165,000 so far on the project. How would you best describe this project?
The project is ahead of schedule and within its budget
The project is behind schedule and within its budget
The project is ahead of schedule and over its budget
The project is behind schedule and over its budget

In project executing, a project manager from the information systems department is trying to complete the project, yet is constantly faced with interference from the manager of the engineering department. The engineering department keeps changing the resources assigned to the project team & their availability. What type of matrix does this represent?
Strong Matrix.
Functional Matrix.
Tight Matrix.
Weak Matrix.

Transition requirements include:
What stakeholders want to gain from the project.
Training & rollout plans.
User stories.
Business & stakeholder requirements.

You are in the tenth month of a highly stressful eleven-month project. One morning as you pass the car of one of your technical team members in the parking lot, you see a suit jacket & tie hanging in the back seat. You walk by his desk & he quickly stopped a phone conversation. What kind of organization are you probably in?
Strong matrix.
Weak matrix.

Which of the following is a true statement?
The project life cycle varies based on the type of product, service, or result being developed, the industry, & the organization.
Organizations generally adopt one project life cycle & one project management process, which are used throughout all projects.
The project life cycle & the project management process vary based on the type of product, service, or result being developed, the industry, & the organization.
The project management process varies based on the type of product, service, or result being developed, the industry, & the organization.

A project manager for the seller is told by her management that the project should do whatever possible to be awarded incentive money. The primary objective of incentive clauses in a contract is to:
Reduce costs for the buyer.
Reduce risk for the seller by shifting risk to the buyer.
Synchronize objectives.
Help the seller control costs.

You are making another international trip & have been invited to a holiday celebration. During the celebration, you discover that all of the subcontracted work of the project is going to be given to the brother of one of the team members. What should you do?
Evaluate the cost of the subcontracted work.
Determine what the common practices are in that country.
Tell the team that such actions are not allowed.
Do nothing.

Which of the following rules should apply to international dealings on your project?
Don't violate any basic fundamental human rights.
Do whatever it takes to manage the project successfully.
You have your way, I have mine.
Always apply the business practices of your own country.

The project is going well until the director of marketing discovered two of her staff members were working on different versions of the sampling plan, a product of your project. Which of the following best describes what needs the attention of the project manager on this project?
Resource allocation.
Stakeholder management.
Configuration management.
Staffing management plan.

When it is best to perform the Close Project or Phase process?
At the end of project planning.
During project closure.
At the end of each project phase.
At the beginning of the project with verification throughout the project.

Close Procurements is similar to Close Project or Phase in that they both involve:
Confirmation that the product is accepted.
Scope validation.
Kickoff meetings.

A project manager is assigned to an environmental engineering project chartered to build a reverse flow fish ladder on a river. An environmental group is performing the project. This type of project has never been done before. The project manager has decided to build a basic project schedule & to detail the work of each part as the current part nears completion. What best describes what the project manager is doing?
The process of reiterating a plan in the same order from project to project.
The process of progressive elaboration.
The process of planning change control.
The controlling process of ensuring that project objectives are met by taking corrective action when necessary.

Which of the following best describes the difference between the Control Scope process & the Perform Integrated Change Control process?
Control Scope focuses on making changes to the product scope & Perform Integrated Change Control focuses on determining the impact of a change to scope, time, cost, quality, risk, resources, & customer satisfaction.
Control Scope focuses on controlling the scope of the project & Perform Integrated Change Control focuses on making changes to integration.
Control Scope focuses on making changes to the product scope & Perform Integrated Change Control focuses on making changes to integration.
Control Scope focuses on controlling the scope of the project & Perform Integrated Change Control focuses on determining the impact of a change of scope on time, cost, quality, risk, resources & customer satisfaction.

A project manager has just been assigned to a project that has been ongoing for two months when a team member requests more time on an activity he is working on. The project manager discovers the only impact to the project will be a delay on a non-critical path activity. The customer has emphasized the importance of completing the project on schedule. What should the project manager do next?
Ask the team member why he needs more time, begin integrated change control, and adjust the project schedule as needed.
Submit the information to the change control board, determine if this event might impact the team member's future work, inform the team member of the board's decision.
See if any stakeholders object to the change, calculate the exact impact on the project, and look at removing this resource from the project.
Look for impacts to quality, cut needed scope from the project, ask for more resources.

Information in the stakeholder register should be:
Shared with others at the discretion of the project manager.
Accessible only to the project manager.
Available to the project manager & PMO staff.
Available to all stakeholders & team members.

Which of the following statements describes how stakeholders are involved in a project?
They help to determine the project schedule, deliverables, & requirements.
They approve the project charter, help provide assumptions, & create management plans.
They help to determine the project constraints & product deliverables.
They help to determine the resource needs & resource constraints on the project.

Which of the following are all approaches to group decision-making?
Unanimity (?????), multiplicity (??????), & majority (??????).
Majority, plurality (??????), & Delphi.
Nominal group, dictatorship, & majority.
Majority, plurality, & facilitating.

The project manager wishes to use the Delphi technique to obtain expert opinion on some difficult technical issues she's facing. What should she be careful to do?
Consult the stakeholders.
Make sure the experts consulted are recognized for their input.
Compare information & work toward a single opinion.
Meet together with experts to obtain consensus.

A scope change is made on the project. You have determined the effect on the schedule, performed integrated change control, & adjusted the project baselines & the project management plan. What is the next thing to do?
Look for impacts to cost.
Submit the change to the change control board for approval.
Change the work breakdown structure.
Notify stakeholders affected by the change.

You have been assigned to manage a portion of a larger project that is supposed to be finished within a two-week period. You have met with the leadership of the department to gather requirements, & you have a project charter, project scope statement, & project management plan that have been approved by these individuals. You are told to meet with the actual user of the product of the project to demonstrate how the system will work. When you give the demonstration, it is clear the user's requirements are very different from the ones you were initially given & to which both you & the client agreed. What is the best thing for you to do now?
Complete the work as originally specified & formulate a new project to meet the user's requirements.
Convene another meeting with the leadership of the area & the user to generate a revised set of requirements.
Attempt to meet as many of the user's requirements as possible within the project's established budget & schedule.
Generate a change request for the user's requirements.

A new project manager is being mentored by a more experienced, PMP-certified project manager. The new project manager is having difficulty finding enough time to manage the project because the project scope is being progressively elaborated. The PMP-certified project manager advises that the basic tools for project management, such as a work breakdown structure, can be used during project executing to assist the project manager. For which of the following can a work breakdown structure be used?
Showing the functional managers for each team member.
Communicating with the customer.
Showing calendar dates for each work package.
Showing the business need for the project.

Product scope management involves the requirements that relate to the product of the project. Project scope management involves:
The work the project manager will do to manage the project.
The entire work of the project, including the product scope.
All work included in the scope management plan.
The work the project will do to deliver the product scope.

During the Identify Risks process, a project manager & stakeholders used various methods to identify risks & then created a long list of those risks. The project manager then made sure all the risks were understood & that triggers had been identified. Later, in the Plan Risk Responses process, he took all the risks identified by the stakeholders & determined ways to mitigate them. What has he done wrong?
More people should have been involved in the Plan Risk Responses process.
Triggers should not be identified until the Identify Risks process.
The project manager should have waited until the Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis process to get the stakeholders involved.
The project manager should have created workarounds.

A project is facing the following risks: 20% chance a part is not available, creating an additional fee of $30,000; 10% chance the team requires additional training for a cost of $12,000; 25% chance the second planned quality test costing $8,000 is unnecessary. What is the expected monetary value of these risks?

A project manager analyzed the quality of risk data & asked various stakeholders to determine the probability & impact of a number of risks. He is about to move to the next process of risk management. Based on this information, what has the project manager forgotten to do?
Evaluate trends in risk analysis.
Provide a standardized risk rating matrix.
Create a fallback plan.
Identify triggers.

What does the critical chain method focus on?
Scheduling resources that are over-allocated or are only available at certain times.
Managing remaining buffer durations against the remaining durations of activity chains.
Determining early & late start & finish dates of each activity chain.
Calculating multiple project durations with different sets of assumptions.

A project manager holds a meeting with his manager to explain that an activity has been delayed & the project manager will need additional resources to complete the project. The manager stops the meeting because the project manager has forgotten something. What might it have been?
To look for options with the customer before meeting with management.
To investigate undoing previous fast tracking activities.
To eliminate float in the near-critical path.
To try to compress the project schedule before asking for additional resources.

You are a project manager on a $5,000,000 software development project. While working with your project team to develop a network diagram, your data architects suggest that quality could be improved if the data model is approved by senior management before moving on to other design elements. They support this suggestion with an article from a leading software development journal. Which of the following best describes this type of input?
External dependency.
Mandatory dependency.
Discretionary dependency.

Based on the chart, some of the identified risks don't occur & therefore activity B gets done in 3. What is the effect on the project?
There will be three critical paths.
The project is complete.
Activity A will have more float.
The project will complete sooner if activity F starts immediately.

Which of the following aspects of leadership is most important for a project manager?
Team building
Technical expertise
Project control

The purpose of status meetings is to:
Exchange information about the project.
Confirm the accuracy of the costs submitted by the team.
Have team members report on what they are doing.
Issue work authorizations.

You just completed a cost estimate on the project, and you're assuming there is a 15% chance you will exceed this estimate. You are:
Below the mean.
Below the median.
Above the mean.
Above the median.

Which of the following are all items included in the cost management plan?
Specifications for how estimates should be stated, rules for measuring cost performance, the level of accuracy needed for estimates.
The level of accuracy needed for estimates, rules for measuring cost performance, specifications for how duration estimates should be stated.
Specifications for how estimates should be stated, the level of risk needed for estimates, rules for measuring cost performance.
Rules for measuring team performance, the level of accuracy needed for estimates, specifications for how estimates should be stated.

Which part of the cost budget does the project manager not have control over?
Cost baseline.
Contingency reserve.
Control account estimate.
Management reserve.

A project manager is leading an effort to analyze waste & non-value added activity on the project. One team member reports that two processes in use require work he believes is unnecessary. Another team member reports that a process is not well understood. The project manager must be leading which of the following?
The Plan Quality Management process.
The Perform Quality Assurance process.
Management by objectives.
A process rather than a project.

A project team has invited many of the project stakeholders to help them inspect quality on the project. Which of the following would not be an output of this activity?
Quality audit.
Recommended preventive actions.
Verified deliverables.
Quality control measurements.

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