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A trype of risk that is not directly related to investmebt risk is:
Liquidity Risk
Operational Risk
Credit Risk

Which of the following is not an objetive of a risk management process ?
To help managers deal with uncertainity
To identify opportunities
To eliminate all risks

An organisation "s risk tolerance level depends primarily on the organisations :
ability to take risk
willingness to take risk
both of the above

Which of the following situations best represents a complaince risk ?
A counterparty does not fulfill its side of a transaction as agreed
An employee does jot complete his or her tasks in a timely manner
An organisation fails to follow all apllicable laws and regulations

Which of the following is not a typical step of a risk management process ?
Select a risk response
Assess and priortise risks
Transfer risk to a third party

Rogue trading is best described as an example of :
Operational risk
investment risk
compliance risk

A risk matrix , useful for assessing the level of attention a certain risk should recive , classifies risks according to :
systematic and non systematic risk exposures
expected levels of frequency and severity of consequences
operational , compliance and investment risk exposures

Using historical data to forecast future expected losses works relatively well :
all the time
during times of market turmoil
during times of normal market conditions

A significant benefit of implementing a risk management process is most likely :
elimination of risk
less accountability
more efficient allocation of capital

Which of the following situations most likely increases an organisations complaince risk ?
seprating the front and back offices
using agents and third parties
monittoring and controlling business processes

Credit risk is best described as the risk of :
losing money when interest rate rise.
failing to recieve timely payments from borrowers
lacking access to credit lines when needed

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