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According to Slyvia, what happens when you start to create and design your own content as opposed to just using course books?
Your teaching values feature more strongly in your work.
You start losing your sense of direction.
You'll begin questioning your values.

What does innovation and creativity as part of the work flow help teachers to avoid?
The Disney Strategy
The overkill of repetition and getting burnt out.
The onset of cognitive dissonance.

What does the ‘old world’ and ‘new world’ refer to?
Europe and Asia
The establishment, academia and traditional publishing as opposed to self-publishing, experimental initiatives & informal action research.
The old traditionalist masters vs the the followers of dogme.

How can we ensure that innovation is balanced with constructive quality control?
By ignoring the advice of others, disregarding student feedback, and saying no thanks to peer review.
By accepting the opinions of others at face value and blindly following those who know better.
By asking quality questions while taking into account student feedback, peer to peer review and our own experiences.

How do we get ‘stuck’ when we start thinking and trying to be creative?
We try to force inspiration through linear thinking channels and by default, close off our ability to make non-linear associations.
We turn to experts for help and then fail to follow the strategies we are told are the besy.
We try to force the Disney Strategy on ourselves causing our brains to freeze up to the point where we start singing "Let It Go" in public without even realizing it.

Why is blogging good for creativity?
You're forced to write in a particular writing style in order to be accepted by others.
You train your thoughts to flow & get social feedback at the same time.
There's no better way to waste an hour of your time.

The art of self-expression, in Sylvia’s opinion, starts with……
not worrying what other people think.
dressing in a creative way without thinking about why you are doing that - especially when teaching.
stopping to consider the opinions of others and seekind their validation for what you are doing.

What was the most common response Sylvia got to her question regarding ‘what can dampen one’s creativity’?
That teachers were overly supported by colleagues to the point that they had too much support which left them feeling coddled and overly loved.
Not being allowed to experiment with using educational technology in new ways.
That teachers were not supported by colleagues and that their ideas were often ignored or dismissed, which left them feeling unvalidated and isolated.

According to Sylvis, how can we cultivate a sense of wonder?
By watching Disney movies, going to the beach, and taking an adequate amount of vacation time.
By nurturing our child-like tendencies and not letting responsibilities & worries invade the creative process or our sense of spontaneity.
By making sure that our inner-child is not too well fed.

How can we keep creativity alive when negativities from the outside world come crashing in on top of us?
By switching off the news, turning off all social media, and retreating to the forest if possible.
By saying "no world, I won't let you do that to me."
By turning to our personal learning networks for inspiration and support

How can you start an online business if you’re working full-time and you’re too busy?
Wait until your children grow up and you have more free time to concentrate on everything all at once.
Take it slowly step-by-step because it all builds up and falls into place at the right time.
Find a sponsor who can do most of the work for you -and- support your start-up.

What is cognitive dissonance?
It has to do with the Disney Strategy
When other around us affirm what we are doing and validate our sense of self - this can be overwhelming because we feel so much love we are unable to step out of our comfort zone and move forward.
When conflicting beliefs confuse our values or sense of self – this can be debilitating on one hand, or it can make you more creative if you think of ways to re-invent and improve upon your own limited

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