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Another Victim

#ChuckSandy, #Iamwritingtoo, #AmAlive, #EverydayPervert

SO, is this how everyone gets to work for the ITDI conferences? You arrange for online sexual gratification prior to each conference and if they give you a big enough erection, you let them join, or is this just a new method brought into place through opportunity? Ever expanding your opportunSee more

1567 days 17 hours 7 minutes ago

Samir Saaad

Quiz done! 12/12 Great!

1900 days 2 hours 18 minutes ago

Martin Laban

IT was not easy but I dId it1

1900 days 9 hours 13 minutes ago

Amandeep Singh


1913 days 15 hours 2 minutes ago

Jamile Antonio


1916 days 5 hours 34 minutes ago


I think something is problem on this website, when i am going back to change my answer than i am unable to change it and the answer is not changeable so please check it up. thanks

1919 days 18 hours 16 minutes ago

Charisse Gardner

:) 9/12

1920 days 5 hours 16 minutes ago

Seew Prakash

got a 10/12

1922 days 2 hours 47 minutes ago

Jafar Dorri

I got 10 out of 12 in my first attempt...
Thank you chuck and Barbra for this session..... Thank you iTDi people....

1926 days 22 hours 49 minutes ago

Mamadou Dia Bodian

Really, it was not easy, but i made it.

1927 days 11 hours 7 minutes ago

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